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I don't usually get stuck in a groove so quickly. Hope I don't sound like a broken record.
This little missive goes out to the Webmaster of this wonderful site. I feel very fortunate to have stumbled across WDC. But today, I don't want to talk about the wonderful community I have found on these pages. I want to talk about the content.

I have designed a few websites in my time. Believe me - they are nothing extraordinary. Actually, you don't have to take my word for it. This was my first attempt;  http://www.geocities.com/kharlizben/. Don't laugh. In fairness to myself, I should add that this attempt was made several years ago and without the benefit of a site builder. I literally sat at my Mac, with my manual in hand, and wrote the html, line by line. A more recent attempt;  http://www.mysite.furrytails.com , was done the easy way - with a site builder, but between my writing and publishing efforts, I have not given it much attention. I will soon be designing my site for my small press;  http://www.marchbooks.com/ . I guess that is why the subject of this site's design is on my mind.

What impresses me about this site is not only the fact that it is chock full of content, but that it has so many layers. Granted, I have only been here for over a week, but I don't feel that I have even scratched the surface of what this site has to offer. The nice thing is that each visitor can decide for themselves how deep they want to delve into it's content.

As with most things, I did not explore this site in a linear way. I just jumped in. I didn't read the getting started section or otherwise peruse the site. I wanted to get right to reading and reviewing. Then I wanted to get some of my stuff up there to be reviewed. As a result, I am still being surprised by some of the fun features on these pages.

I believe that it was only yesterday that I first used the item jump feature. And it took a comment from another member to make me realize the importance of posting my reviews for public viewing. But, I am learning.

Whether it be a book, movie or computer software, I like depth and multi-layers. My favorite software is Photoshop, precisely because you could probably work with it for a lifetime and never exhaust the different features and ways of doing things. The stories I enjoy have many layers. Even in life, rarely do we have just one problem to surmount. If a story does not go beyond one character dealing with one hardship, there is a good chance that I will lose interest. I don't want to be confused, but I do want to be challenged. Give me something I can sink my teeth into. This site does just that.

Thank you WDC.

This is my new website, tell me what you think. http://www.marchbooks.com/

The beauty of the written word is in the emotions they evoke. Hate my characters or love them; as long as your feelings are genuine and run deep.
If I have succeeded in making you feel something, I have succeeded as an author.
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