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It is better not to meddle in disciplines which are not our forte.

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread,
Folly in the name of knowledge spread.
But those who are wise see through their game
And, ignoring them, they move ahead.

Why is it there is so much debate?
Why can't peace prevail and strife abate?
It's because some think that they know all.
To force views on others they can't wait.

The world would certainly be better
If men did follow to the letter,
The advice to stick to their own field,
And not meddle in every matter.

A lawyer cannot be a surgeon,
Just as a surgeon can't be the one
Who, besides anything else he be,
Dwells clearly in legal profession.

Easy it's to make fun of others.
The one who makes fun rarely bothers
To reflect upon his own folly,
Smugly thinking silent are others.

If fools revel in their own folly,
Why be jealous of their mood jolly?

• Written in aaba, 9-9-9-9 format
* Showcases as Editor's pick in the Poetry Newsletter dated 3 September 2014.

M C Gupta
4 May 2008
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