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A mother seeks help from the system and gets scorn because of her circumstances.

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Silhouettes of Life's Perfect Dreams


DJ. Venson

"Okay Mrs. Johnson, I'll be handling your case,
do you have all your papers, I'm swamped with little time to waste?"

"Yes Mr. Peterson, and I did the best that I could,
some words on these forms I'd misunderstood.
Do you think we'll get food stamps today?
As you can see I have two hungry kids and one on the way?"

"Did you attempt to read these forms at all?
Go home, Mrs. Johnson someone will call."


"Oh sir, please don't dismiss me this way,
would you kindly read what these words have to say?"

"My God, you people are all alike,
instead of procreating, get some sleep at night!
Since you haven't the inclination to do which is required,
Mrs Johnson, at this point your case I must retire."

"Sir, I predict in certain instances you're words may ring with truth,
yet nothing I've done warrants such verbal cruelty from you!
What I'm trying to convey in this allotted amount time,
I'm asking for assistance because I'm legally blind.

My husband. . .
Mr. Peterson, was killed back in the great war,
as for me and my kids... Uncle Sam steadily ignores.
I didn't come to plead my case, but my children
are staring down at empty plates with belly aches.
That pretentious soliloquy of my life you re-sighted today,
displays ignorance on you part I am sorry to say.

But, you know what that's okay

The respect from my children makes my life complete
with God's mercy will come enough food to eat.
Although I'm blind, yet now I can see
what God's been relentlessly showing me.
"Silhouettes of life's perfect dream,
a concept I pray you'll learn what it means."
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