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the mindless struggle to find significance while on a heavy dosage of pills
These pills are unbearable
What have I become
controlled happiness in small doses
Shutdown of all emotion
How could it be Any other way
A whore in need of sleep
Stalking my every move
In a second, forgotten
I'm giving in to you
I pour gasoline On everything I love And watch it burn
Your bodily scars are insignificant memories
Bound by flesh, dancing through endless depths
climbing aboard this sunken ship
We see beauty, slowly fading Slowly changing
Into a gray shadowy figure with dark discomforting eyes
within one hand a handshake
And in the other a knife
An incapacitating stab in the dark
Your hollow womb calls to me In rhythmic pulses
and in undeniable sentiment
As we reach our final resting point
transparent and pointless
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