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Describing my very brief romance with a waitress...
A gentleman, alone by myself, dining at a favorite new
Restaurant in a community filled with small, elegant shops,
Fast food diners, and revving motorcycles. An attractive and
Not-easy-to-overlook waitress taking food orders and discussing
Common day-to-day activities with a few of the regulars. I call
To her in a suggestive way, a boyish, innocent brute in style.
She looks up at me, startled; then, a sudden turn for the better:
With the perfect and natural hint of romance, she asks me for
A cup of coffee, at a restaurant across the way;
We exchange a few brief whispers as I finish my dinner.
Then I go across the street to wait for her... 

A long, forty-minute wait is compounded by a growing desire
For her gorgeous figure and delicate aroma. When she finally
Arrives at the country-kitchen-style setting, she orders dessert
And ice water, while I have yet another cup of decaf.
The situation that follows is mind-numbing and joyous:
She asks what my intentions are for the evening; I explain that
I was expecting a night of intimate passion, and she says "no" -
She does not do such things so quickly, she explains. We
Exchange phone numbers while rapturously kissing in the parking
Lot, holding each other suggestively and closely for a time.
Then we part, appearing headed for sheer, blissful heaven...

For a while, we are filled with nothing but immense joy,
For a period lasting about four days -
With her very stable but needy family
Pulling me away from countless worthwhile activities,
And a growing desire to separate from her simple
But demanding personality and charms,
I call an end to the short but dedicated romance;
And I feel the great warmth and comfort from our cherished
But unalterable passion for life, from time to time,
Relishing how inviting and wonderful
Our love did seem...

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