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Fantasy..fiction..fallen warriors..gamers..heros..Old Norse storytelling..bardic tale

When Fiercely the Howling Stormwind Blows..
Superb Battle Forces Opposing..
Gather Upon the Slaying Fields..
With Strife-Songs Aringing Loudly-Long..

And the Warring Rages yet again upon Earth-Mother's icy face.

Rides then the 'Chooser of the Slain'..
Astride Her Terrible Mount, the 'Eater of Ygg's Barley'..

'Lo, now Raven'..but One of the Nine..
Hight Wodan's fearsome Shield-Maiden..
Brutal Goddess of the Hawk-Land..
Girt about with Bright-Shone War-Gear Raiment..
Of Hel-blue Byrnie, Golden Helm, Battle-Ice and Iron-shod Spear..

She Swoops Downward now from Heights Unseeable..
Only the Boldest Heroic to Cull..
From among Those Dying and Slain in the Heat of Glorious Battle..
Wrenching Them from the Many-Toothed Torment They have found..
Within the Depths of Death's Harsh Grip..

Undaunted, She Delves Again and Again into the Deepening Mirk..
Truest Ward-guard of Darkening Path to the Underworld..Shadow-Tread..
As She, with Greatest Care, Gathers Close to Her Breast the Fallen..

For These, the Scarred Warriors, with Fiercest Hearts-Beat..
Lain so Bloodily Prostrate..
Whose Mighty Spirits are Borne of the Courage True..
Were Never meant to be Regaled..
In the Niflheim's Icy-Dark..

Swiftly, Carried on to Glorious Asgard..
Borne Upward by This, the Ravishing Valkyrie..
Long-fated were They to be this Way Proudly Conveyed..
Into the very Noblest of Realms upon High..
There Among the Resident, Valorous Brave to Dwell..

With Hearty Spirits Ever-Living..
And Laughing Voices Echoing Loud within the Halls of the All-Father..
They will raise Joysome Horn-Cup with the Einherjar..

Forever and Ever in Valhalla..
Together as Brothers..
Unto the Endtime of Final Battle..Ragnarak..

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