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there's a glass wall around everyone but you, the only way to get in is to break the glass
I think its worse to be alone in a crowd than to be alone by yourself because in a crowd when you look around you can see all the people around you who are not alone. I guess that's a good thing though, to know that not everybody is alone because if everybody was alone the world would be a very sad place. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad though, because if everyone was alone you wouldn't feel so alone, because you would be alone, just like everybody else. But in a selfish way, being alone in a crowd is depressing, like there's a glass wall around everyone but you and the only way to get in is to break the glass. But to break the glass is a scary thought. The glass might cut you. Or you might not like what is on the other side. And then there's no way to get back out because the glass is broken. There's no way to put it back together. If you are alone by yourself, you know you are alone, and there's no wishing the glass would disappear because there is no glass. You have a world of imagination open to you, a door you can step in and out of as often as you please. A door that on the other side there's as many or as few people as you want, and whoever you want can be there. Sometimes it's good to be alone though. You get to think and watch when you're alone. You can learn a lot if you want to. For instance, the other night, I simply sat back and watched and listened to the people around me. I knew everyone's name, about twenty people I had never met  before within fifteen minutes. All I had to do was listen. You hear a lot when you listen. The woods are never silent. You are never truly alone. You only think you are. But sometimes listening can make you feel alone. I guess that's life. A choice between breaking the glass, staying outside, or building your door. Life is full of choices. Some of them can be slowly changed but it's a choice whether you want to or not.  Just another choice in a life line of compromises
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