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when it comes to steering your life, everyone else is still learner too.
In today's world, driving is almost a necessity in order to keep up with everyone around you. Things to do, people to see, places to go, life is a constant onslaught of event after crisis after job. The majority of these actions are facilitated by cars, trucks, and other forms of motored transportation. And yet, at times, driving can be soothing, grounding experience, something that brings you out of the chaos and back to yourself. When someone has an argument with one they love, or if hurting inside, or is simply overwhelmed by whatever it may be, often this person will jump in a car and start driving without a destination, except maybe one inside them, of a certain feeling. I find it odd that something that speeds up our lives can also be what is turned to in order to slow things down. I was riding in the passenger seat the other day- Lee was driving and I was watching everything around me, the landscape that suddenly became bright with spring, the other vehicles, street signs. I was noticing everything until something so familiar and ordinary stopped my wandering eyes. Now, it's usually not as much fun to be in the passenger seat as it is to be in the driver's seat, but without a license, I suppose it is the best spot for me. This time I was thankful I wasn't driving however, because I might not have had the next networking of thoughts had I been concentrating on not using my vehicle as a weapon. What made me start thinking in this particular series was a road sign. A speed limit sign to be exact. It said, "SPEED LIMIT 40," and I thought, "Wow! That's pretty important!" Now before you look at me like I'm completely insane, realize that I am not talking about literally remembering to drive the speed limit, although that is pretty important too. I am talking about putting a speed limit on your life. Slowing down, taking a breath, and enjoying the scenery. Sure it's ok to go fast some of the time, like you would on the freeway, but eventually you reach a town and have to slow down before you go careening out of control. Life is much the same way. you can only keep your foot on the accelerator for so long. Eventually you need to sleep, take your time, and get in touch with yourself. Sometimes you are forced to do this when you have a mini breakdown, but why wait until you crash and start to burn? I prefer to keep a check on my feelings and stress levels so that I can slow down and speed up according to what my body is telling me I need. Sure, I still make mistakes. sure sometimes I get distracted by the amazing parties of the external world but I continue to practice, because after all, I am still a learner driver, and I think that when it comes to steering your life, everyone else is still learner too.
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