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a high-school life based story will surely make you remember days of high school life
"whaaaat?"..."you're not actually gonna do that,aren't you?"
hannah was surprised.she didn't expect it to happen.
"I'm at the top class..what else is needed?"she asked her mother again.
"nothing,nothing...we just wanted you a good education"her mother answered.
"yes..I knew that.but,in an international high school?where you gonna get that money?"hannah exclaimed.
"well,before your father died,your grandpa promised him.he will answer all the expenses."her mother explained.
"mistress yasouna,kimiko-sama  and us are leaving"the stranger said.
"now go!your grandpa is expecting you.take care"hannah's mother said.
"but mama,how about you?"hannah asked,teary-eyed.
"don't mind me.your grandpa built a house for me in states.I'll gonna visit you sometime"her mother said,giving her bag to the stranger.
"mama,I can't do this.."

"just go!go and come back here when you are already rich!'her mother said in a loud,angry tone.
"please take her,ha-san."her mother added,turning back.hannah looked at the stranger.
"please,let us go,kimiko-sama"ha-san said.
they left the house,riding a very expensive car.then,they got a flight to tokyo.there,ha-san and her was fetched by 10 body guards."ha-san,why are there many guards?"hannah asked.In that time,they heard gunshot.it hit their side mirror."because you are the most important person for the katsu-sama.they wanted to kidnap you.to make katsu-sama pay."ha-san said."what?me?who was katsu-sama?why me?who really am I?"hannah asked. the car stopped. the driver was shot. "my gosh!!"hannah said,who was scared already."take kimiko-sama outta here.I'll gonna take them"ha-san told the guards.when thay went out,they took hannah and left ha-san.as they ran,hannah got lost.she was wondering around the street"where am I?"she told herself."kimiko-sama!"a stranger called.it was not one of her guards. she ran,and stopped when she accidentally fell on the ground. her knee was bleeding. "you're not going anywhere!'she heard from her back.she closed her eyes tight,and was surprised when nothing got her.
"are you alright,miss?"...
It was a young man,with his hair dyed in red and black.
he was staring at her.and so is hannah.
"I am fine,thank you very much."she said.
when she was to stand up,she fell,and the young man got her on his shoulders.
"I'll carry you,kimiko-sama." the young man said.
he carried her and at the near parking lot,he took her at the car.
he drove it,and they went to a large mansion.
he carried kimiko,and took her inside.
"why would he take me inside?"hannah asked herself.
"kimiko-sama! what happened to our kimiko-sama?"it was the maids.
"so,it was you...katsurou.thank you anyway for bringing our kimiko-sama."
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