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This isnt my best work. I would like to hear what you think.
It's Just Not Fair
         "The President of the United States is elected by 535 members of the Electoral College" said Mrs. Wainwright who teaches 5th grade at George Washington Middle School in Washington D.C.  Michael whose dad had instilled in him a love for history ever since he started school just does not understand.  He always thought that the people that live in the United States get to elect the President.  His mind begins racing as to what the answer is, but to no avail.  Michael spends the last remaining minutes of the day pondering his predicament.  The only thing to intervene is the deafening tone of the last bell that made him and the other students cringe as it does day after day. 
         As Michael rides the rickety old bus home he decides that it isn't fair that only a certain few people elect the President.  As he enters his house he finds his parents relaxing on the couch listening to President Bush give his annual State of the Union speech.  "That man is a fraud" screams Michael.  His parents look astounded, as they try comprehending this new side of their son that they had never witnessed before.  His father takes Michael into the kitchen and tries to figure out what Michael is talking about. 
         Michael spills the whole story starting with Mrs. Wainwright all the way up to when he got home.  Then is father tells him, "The people do elect the delegates in the Electoral College, so we do have a say in the elections."  Michael does not respond.  He feels violated by his father.  Ever since he could remember he has always trusted his father about everything.  Now, he catches himself second guessing everything he says since in Michael's eyes, his father lied to him.  Michael allows himself to believe his father after a short while because he doesn't know how to hold a grudge at such a young age.  Michael decides that this isn't good enough, "It's just not fair, and people should elect the president, all the people."  His father tells him one day when he grows up he can try and change the laws.  Michael is sent to bed; he tosses and turns for some time while his mind is captivated by his idea. 
         The next morning happens to be Saturday.  However, when Michaels parents wake up they expect to find Michael on the couch watching T.V.  This has been routine for some time now in their house.  A little uneasy, his mother checks his room and did not find him.  She also looked in the bathroom, no Michael.  Frantically, she runs into the kitchen grabbing for the phone to call 911. But before she could dial there was Michael at the table writing a letter.  Relaxing just a bit his mother asks, "Honey, what are you doing?"  Michael shows his mother the beginnings of his letter he plans to send to President Bush.  His mother smiles and tries to be supportive of Michael and says, "Let me know when you are done, I'll mail it for you."  As the family leaves for a weekend getaway Michael's mother mails the letter.  As they head to Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio.  Michael is having so much fun that he forgets about the letter he wrote.  Since their car breaks down on the trip home they don't arrive back in Washington until early Monday morning.  Michael's parents decide to keep Michael home from school since he got very little sleep the night before. 
         Two weeks later after much anticipation Michael receives a letter back from someone he believes to be President Bush.  Michael tears it open and reads it with much excitement.  Michael is so excited because he thinks President Bush actually wrote him personally.  However, to hopefully satisfy Michael his parents wrote a letter pretending to be President Bush.  In the letter "President Bush" tells Michael that many people share his opinion.  Then he goes onto explain the process to get a law changed and how to do it if Michael wishes to do so.  Michael's parents hoping this will satisfy him so he will drop the whole thing say, "You see a lot people agree with you, it's just the way things are."
         Michael, with a perplexing look on his face, is trying to figure out what to do now.  Michael looks at his parents and this is when his age really came through to shine.  He decided, "Oh well, I guess I'll have to run for office when I get older.  Lets get some ice-cream."  His parents both look at him and laugh.  The three of them went out for ice-cream and the matter was finally put to rest. 
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