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The First Episode
Clouds part from view, and a lush tropical island in the South Pacific comes into view. The camera approaches, looking down at the majestic island, covered in forests, amazing beaches, and what appears to be a single person standing atop a man-made structure, resembling a sacred meeting place. As the camera shifts, it is now flying along the beach, which extends around the island. Turning towards the island, a camera is now moving through a jungle, approaching a clearing. Coming into the clearing, it is the meeting place seen earlier. There are ten torches, unlit, standing in a semi-circle.
The camera moves into the center, where a red-furred wolf stands. He is dressed in khaki, and has the look of an explorer. Turning to the camera, the wolf begins to speak.
"Hello, my name is B. Wolf, and welcome to Survivor: The Inflatable Adventure. Now, you might be familiar with that… other 'Survivor' show… and yes, we are ripping it off. But anyways…"
Moving towards the torches, the wolf continues.
"Ten people, from various walks of life, have agreed to challenge their minds, their bodies, and each other. All in the pursuit of the same goal… inflation."
B. Wolf throws back a tarp, uncovering a wall with carvings. The carvings seem to be of furs that have been inflated. Some appear to be floating in the air, while others are on the ground… and yet some of them appear to be Herculean in their musculature.
"Each contestant will have to cooperate to survive, and compete to win their ultimate reward!"
With this, he throws off yet another cover, revealing a drawing of a fur the size of an island.
"Ten furs, with one goal. The first five eliminated from our competition will be somewhat inflated. Don't get me wrong, it will be substantial. However, for our five remaining, they will receive more inflation with the more they survive. And our winner, well… they have the biggest reward in store for them, and I'm not talking about the million dollars!" he says, nodding to the enormous drawing.
"Now that we've established the ground rules, let's introduce our contestants."
Suddenly, 10 people are ushered on stage, blindfolded. Each of them is placed in front of a torch.
"Don't worry folks, they were in no pain from the…"
"Like Hell we weren't!" calls out a large black dragon.
"Do you know how many times we banged our shins on our little 3 mile, blindfolded, trek up here?" asked a young lioness.
"Heh heh… anyways… you may all remove your blindfolds." B. Wolf says, sweating slightly.
One by one, they all remove their blindfolds, rubbing their eyes, getting used to the bright sunlight.
"Now, if you would please introduce yourselves to our viewers at home."
The camera pans over to the leftmost Survivor, a tall alligator, wearing a muscle shirt.
Slightly startled by the camera pushing so close to his muzzle, he draws back a little.
"Uhm, name's Alagar…"
B. Wolf moves his hands in a circular motion, indicating to talk more.
"I'm a weightlifter… a Scorpio… I like to…"
The camera pans to the right, to the next in line, an off green donkey in a bright red "You Don't Know Jack" t-shirt.
"Heh, good move, they'll cancel the show if you stay on that clod. Hi, I'm the winner, and my name's Jack. I rule."
As he polishes his nails, the camera moves again, this time to a young silver fox, wearing a red shirt, adorned with a silver bandanna.
"Hello, I am Joseph Hayfield… but you can call me Quicksilver. I am a professional dancer." He says with a slight nod.
Next in line, the camera encounters a large black wolf.
"Hey. Mitchell. Nice da'meetcha!" he says, tapping out a beat with his hands on his large stomach.
A dolphin comes onto screen next, he appears to be scrunching his blindfold nervously.
"Hi… my name is Cardal, I work as a janitor."
This evokes a loud 'Hee-Haw' bray of laughter from Jack. Cardal looks down, apparently hurt by the mocking laughter.
As the camera moves to the right, a gold paw reaches over and strokes Cardal's shoulder, trying to make him feel better. Looking, it is that of a golden lioness.
"You don't mind that jerk. Oh! I'm Doac" she says, striking a mischievous pose in her tank top and baggy jeans.
Moving again, the camera comes onto a green-blue alligator, who is nearly drooling over Doac.
"Hey there!" he says, noting the camera. "I'm Juke, and I would… like to know you better, sweets!" he says, turning from the camera back to Doac.
The next face seen is that of a tubby brown wolf, who is eating his blindfold.
"I'm Buster," he says, finishing the cloth.
"Are you gonna eat that?" he asks Juke, eying his blindfold.
"Knock yourself out," he says, handing the wolf his blindfold, nearly losing a finger as he rips into it.
Quickly, the camera pans to the next contestant, a large black dragon who had spoken up before. He wears cammo pants and a gray tank top. He tilts his head, displaying his impressive horns.
"Sgt. Krugger W. Ragnarok." He says, standing at attention.
As he says no more, the camera moves to the next competitor, a brown bear decked out in jewelry, like he was a rapper.
"Wassup? I'm Garth, and deese foolz are going home losers," he says smugly.
With that, the camera pans back to B. Wolf.
"Survivors, you know the goal. The longer you last, the bigger you'll get. Now, you guys have a long walk back to your camp, so good luck Tribe In' Flatus."
As each grabs a torch, the donkey snickers.
"Yeah, and you've got a long stroll back to your air conditioned cabana."
Hearing that, B. Wolf continues to smile, and says under his breath, "hope you enjoy eating rat, jack ass."
With torches in hand, the group exits the meeting place. Some talk amongst themselves, but all have but one thought on their minds: beat out the others, and gain the ultimate prize.
"It's quite a group, and they're going to need all their strength, and cunning to win this game. So, tune in as we begin Survivor: The Inflatable Adventure"
The camera zooms out, encompassing the whole island, as the logo comes on screen. Behind the title, is a picture a of a blimped fur, all the while strange island singers chant.
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