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Oh- those silly kids!! What are ya gonna do with them??!!!
I'm reasonably sure that the 2 teenage girls we transported to the hospital, while still in the "what just happened- how could this happen to me" phases of a horrendous car wreck such as the one they were just involved in, were now VERY clear on just how bad an idea it was to skip school to go get high. Did they know the driver? No. They couldn't even give us his name. They knew him from school.

After the SUV that rolled several times came to rest and everyone scrambled out of the now broken tangled mess of steel and broken glass, they all ran. They ran in the direction furthest from the engine which was steaming, behind the body of the truck in hopes of having something between them and what they saw as a potential explosion hazard.

Much to their surprise (and ultimate dismay) they were met with another occupant of the vehicle who had beat them to the back of the truck.

Before it landed.

It landed on top of him.

Not all of him.

Just his head.

Not his whole head.

Just his cranium down to his cheek bones. Leaving the face staring back at you looking like a kid trying to make the "fish face" we're all so familiar with. But with the grotesque reality that it was essentially a huge vice- not soft supple childrens' hands- that made this kid's fish face turn your stomach. That and the fact that the inside of this guys' cheek bones were now touching. There was no blood. Aside from the disturbing fish face and the truck protruding from his head, you saw nothing much out of the ordinary.

No. He wasn't wearing his seat belt. None of them were. How, then, did the other 3 escape with so little? We did backboard and transport 2 of the 3. One had minor neck pain the other had some cuts that weren't bleeding. But now... Now they're sorry. So sorry for having cut school. So sorry for not wearing their seat belts. So sorry for wanting to get high because it was so unimportant... now that a kid's dead.

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