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by Laura
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I found this in an old notebook.
Her dad was never there.
Her mom, she never cared.
Her sister was off to college that year.
She walked like a zombie drained of all cheer.

I tried to help her,
But no words came to mouth.
And after every second,
More of her hope turns to doubt.

She has thoughts of suicide and of pain.
She lost all her hopes and her dreams.
She use to want a status to gain.
She wanted to become a famous author one day.
But now all she writes are notes to her family.
The family she that wishes had given her away.

She used to talk to her best friend every night.
Now they barely talk.
She used to love to lie out in the light.
Now she sits alone in the dark.

She loved to draw beautiful things.
She only draws distorted things now.
She wanted to be a celebrity with all the bling.
She only wants to die now.

I want to save her.
I want to help her.
I need to give her the love she deserves.
I need to tell her that she's beautiful in my eyes.

Someone please help her.
Tell her you love her.
I can never reach her.
For I am only her teacher.

I wish no one else had to deal with this pain.
But that is a hopeless wish.
Under many tombstones are lain,
The ones who never had love in their lives.

This is just a poem written by an emotional woman.
You may not take my poem seriously.
But things like this happen.
They happen often.
Even to children who have decent lives.

Always tell your kids you love them,
Before they go to bed.
Always tell them you're proud of them,
When they ace that test.

Just let them know they're loved,
Or this could be your child in the poem.

Love Always,
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