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Rated: E · Sample · Fantasy · #1425061
This is the prologue to my book, Of The Stone, part one, Of the Protectors.
  Three spears came hurtling out of nowhere, almost hitting the Onzalt man, Zaltundi. He ran, but it was almost impossible to escape. The Army of Onzalt surrounded him, "Give it back, Zaltundi, and you may yet live to see the rising sun!"
  Now, the Army of Onzalt was forced to master the elements; fire, earth, air, and water. And even though they did know it, Zaltundi also had mastered these elements. His master, Onzil, had taught them to him, and he had taken every lesson to heart. Now as the army came forward Zaltundi cried; "Onil co fie! Bring forth fire!" And as soon as he said those words the entire army fell back with a jolt of pain, and their horses burned to death.
  Zaltundi is a thirty-five year old Onzalt man, with green eyes, and black hair that came just under the tip of his nose. He wore a chain-mail shirt, with leather pauldrons, and body armour, along with a brown travel stained cloak. Now Zaltundi put all of his strength into running, running through the grasslands that connected Argletmani, the Housing Forest, to Unzalman, to Joumundaté.
  He had been running from Unxalman for the last week, trying to escape the terrible wrath of the king. Now he was two days from Joumundaté, two days from his destination, and he had already suffered an attack. He swore to himself that he would be more secretive in his traveling. He could not run any longer, so he made camp in the underbrush, and he thought. He thought of all the things that had happened up until this point.
    Almost three weeks ago he was banished for attacking a guard. He had broken his rib after the guard refused him passage into a certain part of the city. A week later Zaltundi broke into the city, he hid, and he waited. On the fourth day of that week he called forth the element of earth, and killed a guard in the middle of the street. This started the riot that he had hoped it would. In the confusion, Zaltundi ran out, he was spotted by two guards, but they were dead in seconds. A spike coming out of each of their throats.
    Zaltundi continued to search the city for his Stone. The Stone of the Elements, which his master had told him to protect from evil, as he was now trying to do. The Stone contained the power of all four of the elements, and if you ever had possession of it, your elemental skills would be unmatched as long as you had the Stone.
  He knew where to look, many guards were set to "protect" the Stone, and it was in the chamber of the king. He whispered to himself "Oni co fie, bring forth air," and he began to hover. He flew over the pillar which held the Stone, and called forth another gust of air to lift the Stone to him. As Zaltundi was lifting the Stone, a guard looked, and was confused. He shouted, and an old man heard and startied yelling "Hey! Look, everybody, somebody is taking the Stone!" A lot of the people just rushed over and stared. All they saw was a figure flying out of a hole in the wall.
  After a few hours of flight, Zaltundi landed to take a quick rest. A careful, almost paranoid type of rest. He stayed like that for the remaining hours of the first night. The next day when he awoke, he saw a man flying overhead, so instead of continuing his own flight, Zaltundi ran, and he heard the footsteps of a thousand men chasing him, bringing forth a wonderful start to the second day of travel, which he was now resting from. He had decided that he should try to reach Joumundaté at the start of the fourth day.
    After about twenty-five minutes of rest, Zaltundi decided he should leave, though he was tired. He walked for the majority of the night, keeping his strength up, stopping only to eat some roots he found on the plains. The rest of the night was filled with walking, jogging, and thinking.
    On the morning of the third day Zaltundi was surprised by the strangest creature he had ever seen. It was a giant Octuron, which are thick skinned, spiker, and painful. He called forth earth, and made a sword which he sliced at the Octuron with. Surprisingly, he was shaken up by the blow he struck. Zaltundi was worried for amount, then he called forth more earth, along with fire saying, crush this beast and burn him to ash! Then he left again, because he was so very close to his destination, less then a mile away from the Eastern entrance of Joumundaté.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1425061