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This is a story that involves many ghost hunting experiences I've dealt with.
Lost souls, distant memories, and disturbances have plagued this little abandoned cemetery. Bachelors Grove has been said, to be one of the most haunted Cemeteries in the country--much less the world. Located in Midlothian Illinois, a suburb near Cicero in Chicago, Illinois, it has had the misfortune of discrepancy for over 40 years. Started in the early 1800's, it was a place where families could go and pay respects to their silent sleeping friends and family. A road was built, and during the 1960's, you could pass this place with your car, as it was once the Midlothian turnpike. This was a popular place for teenagers and a lovers lane. However, things started taking turns for the worst. Graves were robbed, séances conducted; tombstones were moved, destroyed, and thrown into the murky pond located directly behind the place; along with bodies of gangsters from the prohibition time. Unfortunately, this place has seen better days. With all of this going on, it's no wonder the spirits have not been able to sleep peacefully. As it started out, apparently over 200 graves where once here, but now, only 20 or so remain--destroyed or broken.

Last night, I took a group of out of town friends out for ghost hunting. It started by checking out St. Mary's Cemetery in Buffalo Grove, followed by I-Hop. I decided to invite them to Haunted Archer Ave.; we went over to Maple Lake as well, looking for the ghost light that's said to haunt the man made structure. A cop then pulled up, asked for our ID's. As we waited, he asked us what we where doing out there.

We simply told him, "we're looking for ghosts."
He looked at us, smirked, and asked "have any of you been to Bachelors Grove?"
Rob, Matt and I said, "yes, we've been there during the day last October, but never at night."
He smiled and said, "tell you what, how about you guys follow me, and I'll give you a tour of the place?"

I couldn't believe this, after warning us of trespassing on the property we where loitering then, he wanted us to trespass in a more remote--yet hot location? We couldn't refuse, this was a chance to almost legally, check out one of the hottest spots of Chicago's Paranormal sites; with out the fear of getting into trouble. Plus, you can't say no to an armed man who, by law, has to protect you. We followed the officer all the way over there. Parked in a rural gravel road, located next to two twin telephone towers.

We walked up towards the chain linked fence reading the sign "keep out," our group walked around the post and headed down the narrow dark path towards the cemetery. As we walked further and further, the trees seemed to move in closer and closer. The once road that ran through there, crumbled under our feet. The wind sang whispers as we drew closer. Finally we arrived in front of the gate, as trees were knocked down, and covered the ground. One giant trunk, was found smashed onto part of the barbed wire fence that once kept people like us out. The entrance greeted us, the wind picked up just a bit more before we went in. We walked in, and immediately snapped photo's of everything around us. The grass seemed a bit taller than it was in October, but strangely enough, the presence of the place, was still there. I looked up into the sky, and around the trees inside. To my eyes, I could see wind picking up outside the grounds, but oddly, not inside. It was dead, dead like the people who lay beneath our feet; only earth keeping them from being bare. None of the trees seemed to budge. We walked around, and snapped more and more photographs. I walked around some of the graves by myself, read some of the names, as I have back around Halloween. We found part of a bone lying on the ground by us; belonging to whom? Animal or Human being?

I walked up to the officer and asked him if he's heard any stories, or has seen anything inside.
His response, "I've heard many stories, but I've never came in here at night. I once came down the path to check it out, but I immediately turned around. I never come in here--not after what I've heard."

He's right, he just stood outside the gate, let us use his flashlight, while we loitered the grounds. Even during the day, the place gave off a bad vibe, and you can bet at night, it would only be worse. We where done here, and we walked down the path, back to our vehicles which where waiting to greet us. I turned and looked back, as I saw some of the trees in front of the cemetery sway in the wind; waving back at me as if saying "goodbye." I turned around and asked the officer more questions. As we finally reached our Vehicles, he said goodbye to us, and we thanked him for taking us down there.

This is an experience I'll never forget, probably none of us. After telling the group in my car about the most haunted locations in Chicago (this being one of them) ironically enough, we wound up there last night. I can only tell you this, after being on the grounds there, I couldn't help but believe what I've read; the wind never howls in Bachelors Grove.
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