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The socialization of the United States
Hillary Clinton's appearance in West Virginia after her dismal showing in the primaries in North Carolina and Indiana is a clear indication that the Senator from New York has not recognized - publicly - that her marathon race to the White House is over.  With all rationale at the disposal of the political punditry and those in possession of common sense perceptions, Mrs. Clinton should be gracefully ending her presidential aspirations.  However, such is not the case.

From the abhorrent experience years ago in the aftermath of having voted for James Earl Carter for President of the United States, I have learned a few things about the emotional strings the members of the Democrat Party are experts in playing.  Having listened to her nearly twenty minute oratorical tirade several times now, it is sadly apparent that she is taking up the emotional trump card that her opponent ran on until it ran out of speed.

The difference between the newfound tactic Hillary is using now and the same tactic used by Obama is this; Hillary's emotional plea will not have to run for an extended period of time.  Obama's ran for nearly eight months where as Hillary's will only have to run for four months...if she makes it that far.  I must give her credit where credit is due, no matter how painful that may be - her tenacity just may be her foot in the door when all indications are that she hasn't a shot to gain the nomination from the DNC.  That is the only credit I can give her being the Reagan Era Conservative that I am.

Her ideology revels that of Stalin or, worse yet, Lenin.  Her apparent hatred of Big Oil, the companies that pump black goo from the ground that powers the world, is certifiably insane - if she actually believes her own rhetoric.  She plans on going after OPEC and Big Oil.  That should be fun to watch.  Again, her views of Presidential powers are over estimated.  OPEC is more than likely having a good chuckle especially since she made the statement that she would obliterate Iran.  Amazing.

Certainly she must know that forcing the oil companies to pay for "my proposed gas tax holiday for the summer" will not drop gasoline prices but raise them.  When businesses experience increased costs of conducting their business, the costs are nearly immediately passed on to the end user.  That end user would be us "the little people" she so avers to care for.  Yet, when she made that definitive pronouncement in West Virginia, the people in the crowd cheered her on.  I had to rewind and play it several times to be sure I heard that which I thought I had heard.  So, we will see a short period of time with cheaper gasoline at the pumps and then nearly immediately see prices claim astronomically higher than they are now.  How about if we went and got our own oil which, we have been forbidden to do for thirty or more years.  Now, that would get OPEC's attention a lot faster than having a "female president from America" dictating to Muslim Nations.

She then claimed that she, personally, would ensure that everyone would be able to go to college by borrowing money from the federal government at a reduced interest rate.  I had no idea that an American President wielded so much power.  Doesn't that have to go though a legislative approval process first?  Whereas it is true that the current interest rates for college loans are indeed burdensome, quite a few don't realize that the federal government plays the largest role in that quagmire.  What she is actually proposing to the uneducated in the ways of a socialist ideologue such as Hillary Clinton is a huge government bail out for a failed system that the Democrat Party put into place.  As she opined and railed on her soapbox, I didn't hear her explain just how she was going to pay for her policies that she herself would implement "when I am President".

Hillary Rodham Clinton scares me and she should scare all that love this Federal Republic of which America was founded upon.  Ronald Wilson Reagan once said that big government is not the answer to our problems.  Big government is the cause of our problems.  Hillary proposes bigger government not smaller.  Her gasoline tax holiday and her lower cost education loans and her national health care is tantamount to the largest tax increase this nation has ever experienced.  She made several references to power to the people - not in those exact words - but the sentiment was there.  That has an emotional feel good tone to it but it isn't the power We The People have been entrusted with by our Constitution.

And her national health care plan, playing on the fears and tears of the American People, is clearly not supported by our Constitution.  She mentioned forty five million people are without health care.  Was she including the upwards to twenty million illegal aliens in that figure?  Just once, I would like to hear how either Hillary or Barack can justify anything they have said that they would do with the United States Constitution.  If they can reconcile their rhetoric with the Constitution, I just might go along with it.  Naturally, they cannot so I won't.

In her pontifications yesterday, she reminded me of the confused rooster running around in the hen house when there were none to be seen.  Granted, she has tenacity, she has fortitude, she has spirit but most of all, she has gall.

On the Iraq War, she said that she would pull the troops out of Iraq within 60 days of her inauguration.  As CIC, she would remove troops to have Iran fill the power vacuum.  In one breath she granted our troops several rightfully earned accolades and then turned around and kicked them.  She is certainly in tune with her husband on that note.  I can only surmise that she considers the Iraq Front in the Global War On Terror as an entirely different entity even though she once promoted it.  She was pandering and catering to the alleged anti-war proponents to garner some votes and emotional support.

The day before she made that statement in front of a crowd in West Virginia, certain anti-war groups acclaimed that no one cares about them any more.  Hillary took care of that, didn't she?

She did make mention of her experience as a politician and she does have a point there.  She has been a United States Senator, a First Lady and a long history of working with and for known socialists, communists and other groups dead set against the principles of Traditional America in her younger years that, by the way, she has never shed.  Her Alinsky Thesis is all too revealing and the very suggestion that taking the profits from American companies to pay for her programs is straight from her little red book.

Her political experience far outweighs Barack's seeing that Barack's experience as a United States Senator is just under 150 days.  The rest of his tenure has been running for the highest office in the known world based on emotion and unfounded or supported rhetoric.

Both candidates on the left side of the aisle do nothing but, dote, pander and cater all in the name of and in the quest of personal and political power.  There have been exactly zero plans presented in regards to how either one are going to actually fulfill their campaign promises to those they have promised the moon - or more.  Emotion appeals cannot sustain personal or profession integrity.

Both candidates have not only questionable associates and fundraisers; they both associate with our enemy's enablers on many levels.  They also have known connections to those of questionable character whether they are racist or sexist in nature.  Surely, this does not go unnoticed.

Both candidates change directions with the wind and spend the vast majority of their time bending over backwards to so many different groups that it must surely get confusing.

Hillary made an excellent argument about Barack's anger about being criticized and she was correct.  If he cannot handle the pressure of a primary, how will he handle the pressures of the General Election and if he makes it, as President?  I don't see how Hillary would fair any better but she isn't whining at the moment.

In another but separate appearance, Hillary made a statement that reveals her habitual tenet of rewriting history on the fly.  She stated that had the democrats had the delegate rules that the Republicans have, she would have already cinched the nomination.  This certainly is not correct.  Early in the primaries, it was clear that Barack was the frontrunner and this is why all the others dropped out.

All we need to do is find a Reagan Era Conservative and put him or her into the White House.  I don't recall President Reagan ever whining or complaining or pandering to anyone.  Nor did he ever try to rewrite history.

Mark Harvey is the milblogger of the blog A Newt One dot com consortium, a cutting edge political and analytical journalism experience.  Mark can be contacted at Snooper@anewtone.com  Mark is also a Citizen Journalist at Digital Journal, Associated Content and Helium.
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