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This is an ode to pets everywhere....but who are the pets??
Ode to Pets

My pet is the most beautiful animal you have ever seen. Soft skin, golden hair and big brown eyes. Anytime I need something she's always there. When I need comfort she comes over and starts to tell me it's okay. Then I know that I'll receive a comforting kiss.

When I want to go for a walk, I just go over to the door and pull the chain down. Boy, does she run fast when she gets all excited! During the walk I have trouble keeping up with the steady pace! Especially, since all I want to do is go slowly and look at all the scenery.

I try to protect my pet from all the harms that can come her way, but she doesn't always listen. Especially when new people come around! I tell her to 'be quiet, I'll take care of this!', but she doesn't listen and as usual does what she wants anyway.

Whenever my pet looks sick, I always go over to comfort her. If she is sad I do my best to talk to her telling her that it's okay, tomorrow will be a better day. Usually, it doesn't matter to me if I have need of something as my pet will always come first.

She is my favorite in all the world. She is my light, my joy, my best friend. I would do anything to please her. Whenever I see her, I just feel so light, I get all excited inside! Usually all I can think about is wrapping my arms around her leading to lots of sloppy kisses!

...wait I think I hear her coming!! “Here girl! Hi baby, did you miss me! Oh, you're such a good girl!!!”

It's such a joy to have a good pet. If you don't have one then I think you should consider getting one. Well, I have to go, my pet is here and boy, are we hungry. I think we'll go share a small snack together!!

Note to the readers: If you've had a pet I'm sure you can understand what I am talking about when I say...who really is the pet. Is it the dog? Is it the cat? Or the human? The author of this essay has soft skin, golden hair and big brown eyes as does her beautiful Golden Retriever, Jubilee. This essay can either be told from the author or Jubilee's point of view...who do you think wrote it? Read it again and see if you can find out! Or will it always remain a mystery as to who really truly is the owner and pet?

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