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After a war two lovers will find each other again.
My footsteps are quiet, making me wonder how i manage to not break the dried leaves under my feet. Every few minutes that pass i have to look down at my feet to make sure that they are still in contact with the Earth. I look up forgetting about my silenced footsteps and my breath catches in my throat.
The trees are bare, some are scorched black, bark peeling, others lie broken as though they were mearly twigs. Not a single flower is in sight. What was once green and lush is now blackened, dry remains. If i touched one of them i am sure that it will crumble in my hand. Although there are plant remains not a single animal can be heard or seen. Even the birds who once sang beautiful melodies are silenced by the horrid scene before me.
"Who- who would- no who could do something like this?" I was whispering but in this desolate place my voice sounded louder.
Something flew past my cloaked face missing me by inches. I whirl around my eyes resting on a cloaked figure.
"Who are you?"
His voice is strained as he makes  an effort to not kill me where i now stand."How do I know that you are not my enemy", I ask.
"You cannot fool me... Demon", he shouts.
He hesitates for half a second before he pulls the trigger, releasing a steel tipped arrow.I watch the arrow come, trying to decide what to do. I reach behind me and pulled a burnt log in front of my heart, deciding that i'm not ready to die. i feel something tug at the wood, and i know that the arrow has hit it's mark.
"How did you move so fast?"
The strain is gone for a second as confusion enters his voice, and then the cold returns.
"So i'm right, you are my enemy."
He is re-loading his gun as he speaks. Deciding I've had enough of this i lower my hood revealing myself.
"I am not the enemy. I am Usako, daughter of Queen Nehelia, tell me who are you?"
I hear a gasp as the cloaked figure falls to his knees, the arrow gun dropping from his hand, landing in the dirt.
"Usako, forgive me."
"That voice... Who are you."
The figure reaches up with one hand and pulls down their hood.Short black hair falls from the hoods imprisonment. He is looking down at the ground, but slowly he raises his head, a pair of  blue eyes meeting my eyes. My own gasp cannot be contained, as i meet his gaze, "Michiru."
My legs buckled causing me to fall to the ground leaves crackling in protest. I catch myself with my hands, my breath quickening, anxiety threatning to take over.
"you're alive." I'm whispering, but i'm sure that he can hear me,"and the others?"
"We were ambushed, we fought with all our strength but in the end we were outnumbered. I was the last one standing, and i knew that the end was near. I was prepared to die. I almost gave up until i saw your face, and the only thoughts that filled my mind was surviving  to make sure that you were safe... to see you, and hold you one more time.Where is everyone else?"
"We were also ambushed, betrayed by someone from the inside. My mother forced me to escape, warning me that if  i survived i could trust no one. I shouldn't have left. What if she's... "
I can't continue. My vision becomes blury as salt and water slide down my cheeks. I don't notice him move closer to me until he puts his arms around me pulling me against his chest, hugging me close to him.
"It will be okay. We'll find your mother, i promise, he assures me whispering softly into my hair.

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