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Rated: E · Prose · Mythology · #1426531
Enlightened being....spiritual sharer of knowings..
The Age of Perfect Imperfection

....The Insular 'One who knows and sees all'..
Smiled indulgently and moved gently away..

..The better to gaze for countless moments at these truly marvelous additions..
Set free to exist and grow upon the living face of this Orb..
Quintessent beings who were blessed with a most beautiful inner grace..

....After the passage of but a remarkably brief period..
This Omnipotent Immortal was pleasantly startled..
And deeply moved beyond all prior knowing..
Perceiving only then, that such wonderfully intelligent entities..
Would eventually become the first-ever legion of aptly divine pupils..

..A designation as would surely befit these newest explorers..
Avid learners of all mysterious teachings of the Universe..

....For the 'One' had decisively incorporated mind and soul..
Coupling these with a body-physical and living, emotional intelligence..
Bequeathing unto them an undying thirst..
For knowledges as yet uncovered..

..A divine advantage as had never before transpired..
These mortal beings of the human-kind..
Had the makings of achievers of many great and daring feats..
If but given time-lengths necessary...

....To attain their desired intensity in acquired skill-sets..
With a proficient girding of personal, enlightened awareness..
Deservedly mastered only at the highest instructive levels.,

..And after they were successful in completing these myriad tasks..
There existed nothing at all in the now or the future..
That they one by one or all together could not accomplish..
Nor any odds they they wouild not eventually learn to overcome..

....With superb foresight the 'One' had also given to them the right of free will..
And so they could choose and interpret the length and breadth..
Of their unending involvement in the two-fold and changeable..
End-Arts of creative destiny..

..Each individual would be emergent from the first moment of their lives..
As spiritual beings filled with ever-bright promise..
Thoroughly imbued with internally fierce and highly-driven energies..
Thoughtfully centered with self-learned powers of love and hope..

....All would experience the full enjoyment of living life..
Then enduring an unavoidable passing-of-self through the Misty Veil..
Perhaps dying a honorable death..
And being remembered in perpetuity..

..Forever known to have been ever and always totally engaged..
Within this Mortal Plane's enduring drama of the heart..
Striving and driven towards their ultimate goal..

..Of obtaining their rightful, metaphysical places..
Within the Immortal Sphere..

....This pre-ordained ambition as a truly essential and most vital facet..
Of the given 'life-lot condition' was meant to be 'carved into stone'.
Within annals written into the purest hearts of human-kind..
As more than equal to the divinely-ordered..
Most arduously demanding, innately perfect state-of-being..

..Standing then upon the assessment of their owned inner-illumination..
Would they most surely be judged and counted, if only by themselves..
As needfully and imminently resourceful actors..
Thereby granted unlimited access to the universe's Eternal Stage..

....Boldly existent and cogently aware..
Forever recognized as but one of the many..
Conjoined and joyful members of a select multitude..

..Beloved beings, scored then placed..
Within myriad acts of the Ever-Ongoing Play..
All Imperfect, yet integral players finding themselves..
Blessed evermore with this most perfect..
Aspect of the Ascendant Arts..

....For every member from this mortal class of living entities..
Were meant to find themselves firmly ensconced..
As Immortal Beings moving among the limitless heavens..

..Becoming as a beautiful note well-sung..
Placed carefully, lovingly, upon colorfully musical chords..
Playing within the glorious harmony of the universe..

....And the 'One' sighed, then smiled yet again..
For the 'Age of Perfect Imperfection' was about to begin..

copyright 2008

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