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Who knows better the lives of Man?
What the Wind Knows
By - Robert Aaron Goldsborough

    The moon was up casting silver shadows across the forgotten headstones.  A cold wind danced past the stones gently rubbing the names on them out of existence.  In a hundred years no one would even remember the names that they once had carved in their surfaces.  But, the wind would remember.  The wind remembered everything.  In the millenniums since her birth she had rubbed the memories of past lives away from more than just stone.  She had kissed away the rotting lips of many fallen hero's and caressed away the eyes of countless saints.  The wind had held these memories away from the world never to be forgotten by her.  For eons of time she had collected and now she knew that she was about to finish her collection.  A great disease was whispered through her wings and she carried that too.  All that breathed her in and breathed her back out increased the disease.  She smiled within herself with pride at how many would soon be added to her memories.  Soon, it would be them all.  She would be the only keeper of the last memories of this world.   
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