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by necros
Rated: 18+ · Other · Action/Adventure · #1426839
THE XIII. A small fight from my next book
Jerricks hands became a blur as the twin hell furry pistols jumped into his hands and flowered with red flame and smoke. Thunder and fire expelled the shells that flew screaming through the air to slam home into the riders in front of him. Flesh bone, signew and blood exploaded as the hollow points spread the riders over a wide area.

The spooked horses took off a second later, of the six rides only one remained in his saddel slouched over the horses neck. Four headless men had fallen right off as the scared beasts took off, but one corpses leg remained caught in the stirupps, and the horse dragged the bocy for a good while before the leg pried loose and the dead body tumbeled to a stop.

The black clad warrior sheathed the pistols without reloading them. He still had 14 bullets in each of them, this was made possiblr by the extended clip which took 17 bullets instead of the ussual nine.
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