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Are we plagued by these creations of Men?
Would I, to travel to another time,
To a world much less complex than mine,
Before computers, air conditioning, and cars,
Whence maybe a few dreamt of visiting Mars.

Where nature still reigned in full force,
When the best way to travel was by horse.
Could it be life was better back then?
Were they plagued more by troubles not created by men?

Then there were few cures for disease,
Epidemics could begin with just a sneeze.
With no such thing as a convenience store,
Providing for family meant so much more.

Community, where everyone knew your name,
In case of a fire, neighbors rushed to knock down the flame.
Are we so much more apathetic than then?
Could the cause be these creations of men?

Though they don't know you, some people still smile,
Perhaps they'll take a moment to chat awhile.
But those moments seem fewer and farther between,
As if people in general have become hardened, mean.

An evening out was once strolling hand in hand,
Building a life meant side by side, working the land.
Are we more important than they were then?
Do we deserve the luxury of these creations of men?

Our world has grown ill, the games we have played!
We'll likely never reverse the damage we've made.
We desecrate nature, we pollute and waste,
Without remorse, we scramble about in our haste.

Passers by, with headphones, see a child snatched from the street,
If only someone heard his pleas before the abductors' retreat.
Now, for all our advances, are we really better off than then?
Nay, we are ever more troubled by our creations of men.
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