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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #1427385
A short story about an infection. It follows an ex marine as he wakes up to chaos.
Troy Baker heard an annoying buzzing sound. "What is that?" he wondered. After a few seconds of thinking, he realized it was his alarm clock.
The ex-marine opened his eyes and sat up. He yawned as he ran his hand through his brown hair. Although the sun was pouring in through the window, it was still freezing in his house, "damn. I hate the winter," he muttered.
Troy slowly rose from his bed and noticed that Zeus, his German Shepard and best friend of almost two years, wasn't at his usual spot on the foot of the bed. The ex-marine walked to his kitchen.
He opened the cabinet and grabbed a glass. Turning around he opened the fridge and pulled out the milk, eggs, and ham. Placing the food on the table, he drew the largest knife he could find out of the drawer. He always felt safer with a knife in his hand.
As he started to cut the ham, he heard a growl. When turned around to see what it was, a large, furry, blood soaked thing hit him in the chest, sending him and it crashing into the bar. Troy kicked the creature in the ribs as he rose, and picked up the knife he dropped. Troy looked up and the thing charged him again. This time, he caught it by the throat with one hand, it had jumped at him so hard, it forced his back to the wall.
It began growling again and snapped at Troy's face. In the few seconds he held him in the air, he noticed something familiar about the dog. It was Zeus! His own dog was trying to kill him! He didn't know what had happened to his dog, but he knew what he had to do. Troy rammed the knife through Zeus' temple as hard as he could. The dog went limp immediately.
As Zeus' corpse slumped to the floor, Troy felt a small pain on his chest. He looked down and saw blood coming from a hole in his shirt. He tore of his shirt to reveal a small puncture wound on his chest. "Damn!" he cursed. Without his military training, he knew, the damage would have been a lot worse.
He walked back to his room, still in shock of the attack, to bandage himself up and get a new shirt. As he walked out of his room he heard a crash and screaming. He stopped, walked back over to his night stand and pulled out his pistol and an extra clip. Just to make sure he needed it, Troy looked out his window and saw chaos.
People were screaming and being chased by what looked like maniacs. There were upturned cars, and house on fire. He said to himself "What's going on?"
Troy thought for a moment. He decided to not go outside. He didn't survive eleven missions in Iraq just to be killed by maniacs. He walked back into the kitchen and looked at Zeus'. Although the German Shepard tried to kill him, Troy decided to honor his old friend. He scooped up the body, placed it in the fireplace, and lit it.
The ex-marine said a few words and then began searching for things to barricade his house. He walked to the bathroom and tore the door off. It was surprisingly easy to remove. "I guess it was about time I replaced those hinges." he said to himself.
After half an hour of barricading, Troy looked at the clock, it was 12:30. He heard banging on the door. The fire was still going. He could smell the hair burning and hear the bones cracking from the heat.
"Odd," he thought. "I could never smell or hear like that before. Must be going into shock or something."
Just then, the barricade on the door broke. Three of the maniacs made it through, Troy quickly unloaded three rounds, one for each of their heads. They collapsed in a heap. The three people's bodies were a bloody mess, aside from the holes in their heads, they were covered in blood, all three had large open wounds.
Then Troy heard something, "Help me!" a man moaned as he crawled into the doorway. He had a huge wound on his shoulder. "Help me!" he moaned again
As Troy was about to say something, the man's face suddenly changed. His canines were getting larger, his skin was loosing color, and his eyes were becoming black and emotionless. The man began to growl. He moved, as if to get up. The battle hardened ex-marine unloaded a full clip into the man's head.
They weren't maniacs, they were monsters! "The man had been bitten, all four of the things had been bitten. I was bitten, does this mean I'm going to be one of these? No time for that," he said as he got up and ran to his bedroom, the only room that still had a door on it. Troy shoved his bed in front of the door, cocked his gun, and waited.
As he waited, he thought about what might become of him. He realized that the increased strength and senses were due to the bite. Then, as if confirm his suspicions, he began to notice small details of the door he wouldn't have seen otherwise. "This might be pretty cool," he thought.
He heard a little girl scream, "No! I'm not going to be part of this chaos!" he decided
Then, the banging started again, they had made it to his room! The door splintered as the monsters pounded on it. The door broke, and the bed went sailing through the air, into the window next to Troy, glass went everywhere, slicing into Troy's face and hands. He heard thunder as the sky darkened, he saw lightning, felt the rain drops coming through what was left of the window. As the monsters swarmed him, he felt nothing, no pain, no emotions. He could feel his conscious slipping. He freed an arm from the things. Troy put the gun to his chin. Troy pulled the trigger.
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