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Rated: E · Other · Action/Adventure · #1427966
It's about a magicall games that two girls find. Read to find what's going to happen.
One beautiful morning two young girls, named Abby and Bella, were bored to death. They were both 12 and were very into adventures.

"I bet no one is as bored as we are," said Abby

"Except hippos," joked Bella.

"Yeah, except hippos," giggled Abby.

"Let's play tag," suggested Bella.

"Ok, your it!" Abby said as she ran to hide.

So Bella started to count.

"...23, 24, 25! Ready or not here I come," yelled Bella.

Bella searched everywhere for Abby but she couldn't find her. So Bella went to the one last place Abby could be, the cellar.

Abby knew Bella hated going in the cellar.

Bella went to the cellar and before she went in she grabbed the flashlight outside the door, turned it on and very slowly went down.

"Boo!" screamed Abby as she popped out of her hiding place in the cellar.

"Ahhhh! You almost gave me a brain attack!" screamed Bella.

"It's heart attack not brain attack and I thought you got used to going in the cellar," said Abby

"Well I didn't OKAY!" yelled Bella angrily, "But you know I didn't think there would be so much interesting stuff down here," said Bella said calmly.

"Yeah I know. I actually found something that we could play that seemed kind of cool down there. Come with me and we'll go get it," Abby said.

"Uh, no. I'll just stay out here and wait," Bella said in a scared way.

"Okay," Abby said.

So Abby went in and took a while to find the game finally she found it and came out. When Abby got out of the cellar Bella wasn't there.

"Bella, where are you!? Bella!" Abby kept yelling out.

Finally, after searching for an hour, she sat down under a tree to rest for a while but when she sat down she felt something bumpy and heard a quite voice say ow. Abby got up to look at what she sat on and found out it was a hand. Abby looked and found out it was Bella's hand that she sat on.

"Oh. Hi Bella!" Abby said happily.

"Yeah, hi. My hand hurts now," Bella said angrily.

"Yeah, sorry about that. I found the game, come have a look!" said Abby.

"Oh that's great! What it called?" asked Bella

"I'm not sure it's to blurry," said Abby

"Let's go ask mom," suggested Bella.

So they went to their mom to ask.

"Mom what's this called?" asked the girls.

To be continued...
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