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A piece about questioning the good vs. bad within someone you love
You stand there frozen in place. Basking in the glow of such beauty, awe struck by the pure elegance and grace of the goddess before you. Your eyes drift across her snowy white skin, tracing the line of her jaw to her soft plump lips. Your gaze moves slowly upward and meets her eyes.
Her left eye is a warm blue. The iris dances with the white of the eye like a clear summer sky. The lashes play innocently as she blinks ever so slightly and you find yourself falling deep into her gaze captivated not able to look away. Helplessly you are grasped by the eye, not wanting to disappoint. You confide in it and trust in it with all your heart. You let your soul melt into it, and you feel complete. Nothing can harm you, nothing can touch you, there is nothing else. Safe and content is what you are. You admire its innocence and beauty as you stare deeply into its depths. It is a model of perfection, untouched and untainted by our unholy world. It seems as if you'd do anything for this eye make any sacrifice. You hope it will never change.
As your gaze shifts across the bridge of her nose your heart skips a beat and drops to your knees. The right eye is cold and dark and misleading, yet still just as captivating. It draws you in and sets your soul on fire. With every flutter of its lashes you feel the painful sting of lies beat down on your heart. You want to escape it, you need to escape it but you don't know how for you can't look away. How could such a beautiful being have such a dark side? How could a creature such as this be so misleading and harbor so many lies? Why must your vision of perfection be destroyed with such an evil side? These questions tear at your mind as the eye burns a hole in your heart.
Now you must ask yourself. Can you look past the tainted eye? With one such flaw must the whole thing be burnt to ash? You gaze at both eyes now torn between the two. In one you see beauty and undying love but the other is full of sorrow and misery. Does one come with the other or can you choose just one? It may not be possible to split the eyes apart. If it were you would banish the cold dark eye never to be gazed upon again. You would fall back into that world where perfection and happiness were abundant. But you know nothing is truly perfect so you must look her in the eyes and find out for yourself if you can look at both of Aphrodite's eyes.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1428051