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This song is about the affects of being abducted by ALIENS
I turned my head to look to the sky,
But the sun, it burns my eyes,
Distant stars so far away,
Oh God help, why have they come for me?

I was lying in my bed asleep,
When I had a most disturbing dream
Things happened, I just can't explain,
Somehow, I know, I'll never be the same.

Where am I? and who the hell are you?
I'm not strapped down, why is it I can't move?
What the hell is happening to me?
Is this real or just a real bad dream?
They're pokin' and proddin' shit into my brain,
Checking it for all that it contains.
This must be something not of this world,
I've never seen anything like this before.

I think they left something in my head,
Just slightly altered, but far from dead,
Now I listen to the voice inside,
It says that I must kill to stay alive

I hunt at night to stalk and kill my prey,
My appetite, their flesh is what I crave,
What the hell have they turned me into?
A cannible, my next victim might be you!
I don't think I'm human anymore,
Far beyong this race, I'm something more
I raise my fist at night and curse the sky,
Will they be back or have they left me here to die?
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