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The times we are in and are going into
The times we are in and are going into are like a crossing of man made iron ships, loaded with their goods and people, crossing a mighty ocean called time to go to a new and better place called more. So they planned their trip, but in their plans was not the mighty storm they encountered in their journey. So all the man made iron ships began to encounter a might storm. A storm greater than any sailor had ever encountered. So the man made ships began to sink! And they began to take on water and were tossed to and fro by the wind and waves. The ships started losing their goods and people to the sea. So some people found themselves in deep water, without a life vest and could not keep their heads above water and began sinking down out of sight. Others who had life vests kept their head above water, but when the night began to come it brought with it the cold. So some with life vests began to be overcome by the cold. And then in the deep of the night, the sharks came and began to take others away. The meaning! The man made ships are man made jobs and things and ways that were taking people from the old land of poor to the new land of rich's and more. The storm is the changing of the seasons, unknown by the ship builders, fore they only had knowledge of the old season that they were born in and living in. The summer day of peace. But now the storm of the winter night of war has come upon them. The life vests are jobs and many people have found themselves thrown out of their jobs and are having a hard time holding their heads above water financially. And some have loss everything they had because of their job lost. The cold is sickness and health problems and hate. And so although many still have jobs, some are begining to have sickness and health problems they never had before. And hate is on the increase! The starks are death! So soon instead of people asking who will lose their job next or who will become sick next, they will be asking who will die next? For the word death will replace the word money as the main word of talk! And so the sun is begining to set on the season of the summer day of peace. It was a time when people could see by the light of the day so they did not fall into holes. They could go without clothes and not get cold or sick. And they could go where they wanted and do what they wanted to do and not get hurt or killed. But now that the storm has began to hit, that is the new season of the winter night of war. They have no light of the day to see by and those without lamps are blinded by the darkness of the new night and are falling into holes of financial lose. And because of the cold of winter many are getting sick and are begining to hate others in a greater measure. So hate is on the increase now! And you are hearing about it everyday! And because the new war has started some are begining to die before their time and many killing are taking place. When it is a summer day of peace you need no lamp to see by and you need no fire to be warmed by and you need no weapon to fight with. But now that the winter night of war has come you need a lamp to see by and you need a fire to be warmed by and you need a sword to fight with. So soon and very soon, even now, people are going to see new lamps and new fire's and a new kind of people, with new swords come forth. So just as the woman's time closed out, that is the time of mother nature and be replaced by the man's time, that is the man made season, so the man made time will be replaced by the new time of this new season. The time of the Spirit and the Spirit made people will come forth! The new Adams are coming forth even now!
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