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Rated: E · Letter/Memo · Emotional · #1428485
A Testiment to the doubts of those I care for.
Remember the Angels

I have forgotten all, I know only the words that burn within me like a dying fire. I feel only solice. A passion deep as the most divine viens ever prospered. Perhaps you seek the underlying truth, the truth so unbareable, you could wish an eternity upon the forsaken. I write only the decimals calculated within my mind, the unbias thoughts, every line bringing ever forth the contempt of Happiness. Perhaps I will usher in, the greatful regret I gave birth to. Apologies know nothing in the eyes of conviction. I am a heretic for love, a forgotten breed. The outcasts whom have been plagued by he very thing they deemed to dream. I am a patriot forever doomed to the confines of never being accepted. We give trial only to the lost ones, the ones whom bare wounds that draw a line between the glorious and the denied. But what of the glorious, those who present only the past of victories long forgotten, victories that were not worth the efforts sacrificed. And of the denied, they are martyr's, people who died for their mistakes. Memory grants only the remembered. Honor the denied, they are the guardians that did not fail, only fell. And remember me now, for I give honor to them, beleiving only what has been tought to me. I shall always burn in their ashes, to become reborn. Tears are my gift to those seeking relief from the brutality of our attempts. A refuge to those hurt, they that have burned the ruins of the darkening and dreadful defeats. And with a swift vengence, I will bring divine justice upon their demons whom envoke wrath upon them. I fight for only myself, and the breathing. Writing fears shall only grant you fear, and fear imprints only sarrow, it is a disease only hospitality knows to treat. Look not in the eyes of defeat, but in the warming light forever guided by the wings of my true love. Comfort I shall bring, my cries for destiny shall inspire your heart to greater strengths. Morale is the embodiment of my singing voice. And sing for you I shall, and your hope shalt faulter. My will shall service your weak, and with liberty I shall die and deliver you the promise. Fret not my death, ressurected I will be. And stronger I become, and live you shall. For I sacrificed myself for your continued embrace for love, honor, peace, and solitude. With all my heart I love you, I am your Angel, the one vigilant image of light that peirces the clouds and strikes your foe from the east, forget me not. For I will always be watching, waiting for your storms. This shall be the testiment to the doubt of those I care for, tender to, and will defend until the end of the ages. Charish us, we the Angels, the beckoned ones, we shall answer your call always.

-Chaz Hottinger

Written for the people I care for. Doubt me not, I shall strike justice into your soul.
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