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Everyone has a different view as is to what the meaning of life is. Difficult to write.
The meaning of life has been one of those age old questions for centuries. Why are we here? The question has been the debate and on the thoughts of humanity for ages. Christians will tell you that we are here to develop a meaningful relationship with God and the people around us. While an atheist of course will have a very, very different answer.
There is a theory as to why people have trouble figuring this our, and why people do not always agree as to what the meaning of life is. It is because every single person on the face of the earth has their own opinion of it Not everyone comes arrives with the answer at some point in their life. For example when you turn fifteen, "Treat others as you would want to be treated," (Tucker). That might not pop up in another fifteen year old's mind until say he was thirty-two. Of, course opinions are going to clash and lead to strife with the next person's. You cannot push what you think makes you happy onto someone else, it just doesn't work.
The worldview that explains this is more along the lines of a philosophy then anything else. This view is known as Existentialism. What they want to do is explain the purpose of humanity and attempt to understand the existance of humankind. (Etue) It splits into two kind of Existentialists: the Christians and the atheists. The two men that shaped the way for the Existentialists philosophy were Soren Kierkegaard and Friedrick Nietzsche. Soren and Friedrick were complete opposites in what they believed in. The other believed in God, while the other did not. Soren felt that if you are living, you are finding meaning, and if you are finding meaning then you are living. (Etue) Nietzsche stated that, "God is dead." With this statement he meant that we are to find our own morals and a purpose to life. Whether it is in society, the media, or in our family. he thought that we did not need a higher power to help us find morals and a purpose to life. Their beliefs you may ask? Simple. "Destiny over the power of choice. Experience over any sort of reason." (Etue) Some of their beliefs just say be yourself...don't be apart of the "herd" or don't be a "number" in life. Finally, yet importantly, they believe that existance can never be fully explained. It is just too big of a concept to wrap your mind around.
Logical and spiritual view can almost remind other of the Montague and Capulet houses. They never get along and never will unless someone figures out a way to make them get along. Still the spiritual outlook has a more optimistic view. This gives people a feeling that they belong to this world and the next. "To live our lives to please God according to the plan he has for mankind." (Spitler) We are supposed to please God, but many of us do not even do that. Even Christians have a hard time following his plan. It is hard putting their life into the hands of someone you cannot see, it is about trust. Trust your faith and it will guide you. Adam and Eve were created by God to have a relationship with him, but was ruined. When questioning the pastor of the church about the meaning of life, the answers were almost similar to each other. "Everyone is here to love God and to love people with all our heart, mind, body, and soul." (Garner) We are to accept people as they are no matter their sexual orientation, race, gender, etc. Even God; although there is some question as to if he is black, Jewish, white, male, female, etc.
The logical aspect of the meaning of life is going to clash with the spiritual aspect. Unless people are more in touch with themselves, and can find a happy medium between the two. Scientists like to think that, "All life is information." (Fox) To others this would mean the very DNA in your cells is the information. The information that made you look how you are, give people inherited disorders, and create numerous other structures and functions that help our body work. The question that people do ponder over sometimes is, "What is mankind's purpose for existence." The response I got was, "To reproduce and to sucessfully pass down genes to the next generation and have the next generation do the same." (Fox) That would be the quick and dirty explanation. This is a quote from a friend, "There is no meaning. Life exists by pure chance." (Hirst) Part One of his quote: world religions have no meaning. Part Two of the quote: we are here not because of a higher power creating us, but because of evolution, the Big Bang, or some primordial ooze. Pick your theory. Truely, anything involving logic or science they need proof that God plays a bigger part in the meaning or existence of life. For now experiments, facts, and theories are the things that they have to rely on. An empty outlook on life, but it is what they have.
There is a way to find middle ground on these two views on life. Lessen your biased opinion on the other. There might be an oddity or two in the other's view, but do not go and point it out. Technically, no ones view is superior to the others; everyone is different and unique. The logical aspect of humanity's purpose may sound dreary to someone who follows the spiritual path. That is probably because genetics and chemistry might be too monotone for them; they wish to have something more meaningful---something more vibrant in their lives. Scientists can have dreadfully dull personalities. Maybe, that is how a spiritual person sees a logically mind-set person...grey or black in color. The middle ground on the other hand would have to be somewhere between dull grey and blinding neon colors. Being more open-minded is a great way to start. Always, listen to the ideas and opinions of others, and maybe you can learn a thing or two. Then again, there is always a time to draw the line and to keep your mouth shut so you do not offend others. Life is a philosophy, not a debate to win. We will not make it out alive in the end. Please do not make enemies wit the people you are sharing ideas with.
The meaning of life and our purpose here cannot be fully explained. The words of Soren Kierkegaard state, "If you are finding meaning, then you are living." Does that mean right now we are finding meaning? On the other hand, are we stuck on own discovering for ourselves the morals with no one to guide us? It is not true. Everyone will always have someone in this world to guide us to our purpose, our meaning of life. It may be right in front of our noses, or it might be a little foggy as to what it is. We will find it someday though.

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