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More songs selected from the scripture the " Bhagwad Geeta" .
Chapter five

Arjuna said:
"O Krishna! You praise both sanyaas (renunciation -of -action)
as well as karma- Yoga ( yoga- in - action)
But please advise me
which is definitely
The better path for me?"

The Lord said:
"The renunciation of action and the yoga of action
are both most beneficial
But because renunciation of action is not easy
While, the yoga of action is easier
therefore it is superior

Hey Arjuna! He who is neither envious of
nor desirous of
that karma yogi
is also a karma sanyasi

Because one who is free from anger and envy
While still living
He is free and he is happy
Because upon life's end
The karma yogi
As well as the sanyaasi
attains the same supreme realms

Therefore he who sees both of these
as having the same result
he sees reality

O Arjuna!
'Sanyaas' is in fact
not the renunciation of action as is generally thought
but of the ego of "I -ness"
'I did this, so I deserve that '

And 'yoga in action '
Is silent meditation
On the supreme
Whilst fulfilling all obligation
His duties done
Offering the return unto Him
Such a yogi is untouched by sin

like the leaf of the lotus flower
untouched by the murky water
In which it thrives
The karma yogi
gives up the motivation
for the fruits of actions
Acting only for self- purification
He remains unsullied by this world
and its attractions

While the ordinary person
Acts on the inspiration
For the fruits of actions
Seeks constantly and insatiably
This, then that, then the other
Therefore can never
Be ever-happy

"O Arjuna!
The Supreme Creator creates neither the ego in the doer
Nor the actions of the actor
Neither does He create their desires

"But their innate nature
Working by natural design
Compels them to look
Towards the fruit

"O Arjuna! The Lord accepts neither the fruits of
Evil action
Nor of charitable actions
But ignorance of this knowledge
Has charmed all humans

"He whose ignorance has been destroyed
With this wisdom
He illuminates the blissful Lord
Like the Sun

"He who sees the learned, the ignorant,
the cow and the elephant
With the same vision
And the same feelings
Has won this world while still living

"He is stable minded and peaceful
Who is neither disturbed on receiving the unpleasant
Not overly excited on receiving the pleasant
But knows of the highest ecstasy
Realized in the Blissful Lord's company

"O Arjuna! All the pleasures desired by the self-indulgent
Are gained by achieving the objects of the senses
However, such happiness is short-lived and transient
Leading ultimately to sorrowfulness
Therefore they do not mesmerize the enlightened

"That spiritual adherent
Who is able to bear the passion
Emanating from lust and anger
While still in this body
Is yogi as well as happy

"He whose sins have been removed
As well as all doubts diffused
Who is engrossed in doing well for all beings
His mind in his control
Such a person reaches the Supreme Regions

"Freed from lust and anger
He is in control of his feelings
For the one who has experienced the Supreme
For him the Supreme is complete and all consuming

"Such a person who does not dwell
On the desires aroused by the senses
And has steadied his inner eyesight
On the point between his eyebrows
Has balanced the breadth that goes in and comes out
of his nose
Who controls his intellect mind and sense organs
Who is free from desire fear and anger
Such a person lives in salvation
While still in this body

My devotee sees Me
As the one who receives
All prayer and penance
The God of all gods
Of all the worlds
The well wisher of all living beings
Who is selfless kindhearted and loving
Knowing me thus
My devotee
Is always at peace


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