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Even the mightiest can fall when they are isolated
Desecrated Castle

Stones shown softly, as the past records,
bathed in warm light;
Your court filled with jesters and lords,
gleaming open white.

But now you confine long empty halls,
behind falling swords;
Failed to return aid at your friend's calls
availed no true ward's.

You became what you should forever dread,
as your deserted heart stalls.
Mortar darkens in cold departures' old stead,
each forsaken shadow befalls.

Rot seeps into untended marble in clear sight,
all sanity slowly fled;
Doomed to unending and desolate night
where none dare tread.

Author's notes: Written in the form of a virelay:
Long line, short, long short (per verse 4 lines)
abab - caca - dbdb... untill last verse where you must use line 1-3 rhyme of previous verse and A or B rhyme from first verse e.g (a/b)d(a/b)d
Hounorable mentions in "The Tragic Song/Poetry Contest--Round 9 by looking for keys in the dark
Construtive criticisms are appreciated!
"A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her." David Brinkley
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