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A story I have been working on for a while now. Reviews would be nice.
I sat there under the big willow tree in the local park, water droplets thumping on my arm, just thinking about how to tell Taeya that I like her. For hours I've been there in the rain, thinking and so far I have nothing, absolutely nothing. My mind is a big black hole of nothingness. After a few more minutes of nothingness I gave up and screamed out in frustration. The birds around me chirped and flew away, and the people passing by looked at me like I was crazy. I calmed down after a few seconds and decided to go home. I got up and started to walk lazily towards my street. As I neared her street I thought back to when I first met her.
"Whoa, Lucien look at the new girl." that came from my friend Braiden. Braiden would look like your typical jock if not for the black streaks in his blond hair. He's 5'11" and has blue eyes that every girl loves. Aside of his looks he's one of the smartest people I know and respect deeply. He's very popular, seeing as he's on the football team, and gets along with everyone. Tiredly, I decided to see what he was going on about so I turned around and saw the prettiest girl ever. She had long curly, dark red hair that reached down to mid-back, bluish purple eyes with amber specks and had fair skin that any girl at your school would die for.  As she got closer I noticed that she was about 5'6" and absolutely gorgeous. When I continued to stare I also noticed a slight murmur behind me. " Earth to Lucien, come back to us Lucien." Kayden said while laughing. Now my friend Kayden on the other hand, he's about 5'9 with kinda long brown hair that reaches his shoulders. His eyes are the perfect Hazel color.  I snapped back into reality and as I did so I stumbled and bumped into the new girl. When I stuttered an apology she giggled and said it was okay. " I'm fine, you don't need to apologize. By the way, I'm Taeyanna, but you should just call me Taeya."
As I passed her street I smiled at the memory. Smiling, I continued to walk home until I heard a piercing scream come from the direction of Taeya's house. Quickly I turned around and ran towards her place. As I got there I saw Taeya being taken by two guys dressed in red and black, I also noticed that they were holding another figure. As one of them noticed me standing there they turned to me and said " don't even think that you're going to see Taeya and Kaiya alive again." My eyes widened in shock as they said my sisters name. T-they took Kaiya too? I can't let them do that. I thought back to earlier that day when I last saw my sister flirting with one of the football players. She's a beautiful girl really, gorgeous curly honey blond hair that reached down to her waist and the perfect hazel eyes. They were a golden honey brown with a beautiful green streaked in them. After flashing back to earlier I grabbed my pocket knife and threw it at one of the guys. It got so close to him that I thought it hit, but I was dead wrong. Before the knife even reached him he stuck his and out and grabbed it before it could even get remotely close to his stomach. He looked at me and grinned, then started laughing. "You really think that you can stop us? Think again." With those words he threw the knife back at me and it landed at my feet. I stared at the men as they bounded off with Taeya and my sister. As they got further away tears sprang to my eyes and I grabbed my cell phone and called my best friend Kayden. As the phone rang I tried to calm myself down. Deep breaths Lucien, deep breaths I told myself. "Hello?" I heard Kayden say when he finally answered. "Hey Kayden, I need your help." I told him, breathing hard. For a moment I thought he was going to refuse my offer and just tell me not to worry about it. I heard him mumble,  and then say "yeah, go ahead." At his words I gave a sigh of relief. "Kayden, someone took Kaiya and Taeya. I don't know what to do." My words brought gasps from the other line and I figured I was on speaker phone. After a few moments of muttering and yelps someone finally answered. "W-wait, did you j-just say that s-someone took Kaiya?" I heard Braiden stutter sadly. I gave a weird look to the phone and wondered why he stuttered and sounded so sad. When I gathered myself again I told them that I was coming over and hung up.
      **Braidens P.O.V.**
I can't believe Kaiya was kidnapped. I never even got the chance to tell her I like her. I'll do what-- my thoughts were interrupted by Lucien walking through the door. I got up and immediately walked over to Lucien and interrogated him. "What happened? When did they get taken? What did the guys look like??" He grabbed me by my shoulders and told me to calm down.
**Lucien's P.O.V.**
I walked back to the group with Braiden and sat down. What am I going to do. My sister is gone and so is Taeya. I wonder how dad is doing, maybe I should call him. All these thoughts were running through my head and it was giving me a major migraine.
I sighed and looked at the guys. "I was walking home from the park when I heard Taeya scream so I ran to her place and saw two guys dressed in red and black grabbing her and they had Kaiya too. They were really pale, like they hadn't had any sun in years, and their eyes were unusually bright and odd colors. One of them was about 6'" and he had a slight Italian accent. The other was maybe 5'9" or 5'10" and he didn't speak, just glared and smiled wickedly. This all happened around 10 I think."
They all looked at me with sympathy written all over their faces. I stood up "We need to go to my house, but before we do, you guys need to get some weapons of some sort. We're going after those guys." With those words the guys got up and raced off to find some weapons. We decided that we would all meet at my house.
When I got to my house I walked in and saw that it was completely trashed. I ran upstairs to my dads room but didn't find him there so the next place I looked was my sisters room. He was kneeling by her bed crying and blood dripping from his forehead. Quietly I walked over and kneeled next to him. "Dad, I need you to do something for me." I asked him softly. He looked at you and just nodded. "I need you to tell me exactly what happened here, can you do that?" He nodded.  I sighed, then asked him what happened. His response appalled me and made me tear up all over again. From what my dad told me, two men, one tall and one short, came in and knocked him unconscious. When he came to he left a note saying: "You don't have to worry about her being a nuisance anymore."
I-I can't believe that dad called Kaiya a nuisance. That's no- my thoughts were interrupted by the sudden ringing of my cell phone. "Hello?" I figured it was Braiden or someone like that. "Lu-Lucien?" I heard someone say, in a shaky voice. It sounded like my sister. "Who is this? I want to know who this is." I was getting aggravated and upset because this person calling me sounded like my sister when she's scared. "Luc, it-it's me--" I heard muffled sob on the other end "this is y-your sister, Lucien, please help me." When I heard it was my sister I broke down right then. I couldn't stop the tears from coming so I let them flow freely. All of a sudden, in the middle of my sob fest, I heard a scream then the phone went dead. "KAIYA!" I screamed in frustration, then went downstairs to find my friends sitting on the couch. They looked at me as I came down the stairs with the sword my sister gave me for my birthday, a couple of daggers and my two most precious guns. I had also changed into a black shirt and a deep red trench coat and had on black cargo pants and a pair of combat boots. I looked at them and nodded, walking towards the door, but before I got the chance to open it Kaoru stopped me. "Lucien, what happened up there? You screamed your sisters name like someone told you she was dead or something." he asked, sounding calm and level-headed. Kaoru is the calmest one in the group. Always level-headed and helping everyone out with their problems. He's every girls dream guy, without the attitude. A perfect height of 5'10" great black hair that reaches just below his ears with red streaks and crystal blue eyes.  I sighed and looked down when I spoke. "She called me, apparently they didn't check to see if she had her cell on her but they found out, she screamed and then the line went dead." When I was recalling what just happened 5 minutes ago my eyes got all watery again.  Kaoru's hard expression softened when he heard what had happened. He turned to the others and they all nodded. At 12:45AM on December 22, 2007 we set out to find my sister and Taeya.

It's been about 2 weeks since me and the guys left on our journey to find Kaiya and Taeya. Two long, rough weeks, complete with fighting and training. Word got out to the people that kidnapped my sister that we were coming to save her so they sent out people to kill us.  So we fought almost every day and had to have lookouts when we were sleeping. We started our journey by heading through the woods at the back of Kaoru's property. Once we ventured deeper into them, we started being attacked. When we got further into the 'battles' we realized that some of the guys, aren't that good with swords so me, Kaoru and Kyoyo had agreed on teaching them and training them on how to handle a sword. Once that was settled we all decided to rest by a gorgeous lake that Rei had found. We set up camp and figured it would be nice to bathe and relax for a bit, at least before we started out on our quest again.
I was bathing in the lake when I heard a twig snap behind me, thinking it was one of the guys I just sighed and rolled my eyes.  After a few moments I sensed something was wrong and acted like I didn't know it, hoping to surprise my stalker. As they crept closer and closer I continued what I was doing until I heard them jump. At the last minute I turned around and caught them, and I realized that it was a girl. She looked almost exactly like Taeya, just a bit taller and her bone structure and eyes were a lot different. I let her down and just stared at her. When I finally came back to reality I jumped back and started to stutter "w-who the HELL a-are you? You loo-look exactly like Taeya!" She giggled at my surprise and nervousness. "That, my dear friend, is because I'm her sister. Her TWIN sister. Makes sense doesn't it?" was her reply. I just stared then finally calmed down enough to ask her to come back to my campsite to talk to the others. She happily agreed and we left for the tent. When we arrived the guys just stared and made to ask questions but I stopped them before they could. "Before you start bombarding me with questions, no this is NOT Taeya, this is her sister Katherina. She wanted to find Taeya to actually tell her that they were sisters separated at birth. And yes, she IS coming with us. She could be of use." Katherina glared at me when I said the last part. "You make me sound like a weapon or an object of sort." she said elegantly but with venom in her voice. I turned to her "sorry, it wasn't supposed to sound like that." she nodded and sat down with the others to find out what's happened so far.
As everyone started talking and laughing I just sat there, thinking about all the good times I had with my sister and Taeya. I thought back to the day when I first had to protect my sister from the perverts at our school. It was at a school dance.
Kaiya had just left me to dance with one of the guys on the football team when I had asked Taeya to dance. Fortunately for me it was a slow song and she agreed. I took her out to the dance floor and we had started dancing. After a few more songs and a dedication song I had realized that Kaiya hadn't come back yet. I went to Rei and asked him if he had seen her. He shook his head and asked me if something was wrong. Out of nowhere my phone vibrated as I received a text message. It was from my sister. I raced up to the roof to find the guy she went off with trying to rape her.  She screamed my name and I went up to the guy pulled him off of her. When I did so she hugged me and I told her to back away. She turned around and ran into Braiden, who took his jacket and wrapped it around her. She hugged him and watched as I punched the guy who was violating her. "That's my little sister you prick!!!" I screamed at him. He looked completely dumbfounded when I did that. 
I woke up to someone poking me in the head. "Lucien, get up. We have to go." Katherina was trying to wake me up. It was morning and I hadn't even realized that I had fallen asleep.  I got up and headed towards the lake to bathe before we set off again.  After I had bathed I walked slowly back to camp praying to god that we find Kaiya and Taeya alive.  When I got back to camp everyone looked at me expectantly and I nodded. Once again we set off on our journey but this time, we had a new member in the group.  Day after day we traveled, and to our surprise we weren't attacked. After a few more days of traveling we finally reached a small town that looked like it was still back in the 1700's. The people there dressed like the time period and looked at us like we were crazy. We decided to stop at a local pub and see if we could get anything to eat but to our dismay they didn't take our kind of money. With that, we left and as we were heading towards the Inn a woman ran into us. She fell so I helped her up and when I did I saw something that scared the hell out of me. "M-mom?!" I couldn't believe it, the woman I thought to be dead was very much alive and here in this 1700's style town. She looked at me with tears in her eyes "Oh Lucien, my dear, I've missed you so much. Come back to my room with me and lets talk, all of us. I know why you're here." We were shocked by her words, she knew why we were here? We took her up on her offer and went back to her room. She gave us some money to start with and then we sat down and drank tea while getting caught up on things. "Hun, the guys you're looking for are very powerful. Too powerful for a mere mortal." I was dismayed, but she continued before I could say anything. "Thank god you're not a mere mortal, neither is Braiden I assume." He nodded a confirmation and I was shocked. "I-I'm not a mortal? Mother, what are you talking about?" I asked, hoping to get a straight answer from her. She looked at me, then at her lap. "Lucien, you're not a mortal, I think you've realized by now that your senses are stronger than a mortals, have you not?" I nodded, then she continued "That, my dear, is because you have vampire AND faerie blood in you. It's not a normal combination seeing as a vampire cannot consume faerie blood in any way. The only powers you currently have though, are your vampiric ones. The only way to unlocking your faerie powers is by finding the sacred Lapis Lazuli, a rare stone coveted by the fae. When you find that stone, you must take a drop of blood from your "soul mate", as they like to call it, and let it fall unto the stone while saying an ancient chant. Only then will you be able to defeat the men who took Taeya and Kaiya. And I'm going with you, no matter what you say." with that our conversation was ended and we were instructed to get a good nights sleep because in the early hours of tomorrow we would be off to find the Sacred Lapis Lazuli, then off to save Taeya and Kaiya.

I didn't realize how early she was going to wake us. It was around 3:30 in the morning when she told us to get up, bathe and wait in the lobby.
I was the first one down when my phone rang. I checked the caller ID and it said Kayden. "Yeah man what's up?" I asked. It was a few minutes before he answered. "Dude something's up with your mom. You might want to check this out." I hung up and raced upstairs to find my mom with greenish-grayish skin and black yes. She had claws as well and a big mouth full of teeth. Horrified I walked over to my bed where Kayden was and grabbed my sword. Slowly I walked back to my mom and tried to get her attention. It worked. She looked at me and growled, then started coming towards me. I raised my sword and started backing away until I hit the edge of the bed. I stopped then she stopped. When I looked at her I decided to try and talk to her. "Mom, it's my Lucien. If you can understand me growl once."
She growled once and I sighed. "Okay if it's possible I need you to help us figure out what you are." I said to her. She let out a yelp which oddly sounded like a laugh in a creepy way. At that moment Braiden walked out of the bathroom in just a towel. "Dude, put some damn clothes on!" Kayden complained. I laughed and rolled my eyes, Braiden threw on some clothes, looked at me then my mom. "Lucien, I think your mom is a hybrid." he said. I looked at him with a blank stare "a what?!" I said. He shook his head and continued to explain. "There are many types of hybrids, your mom is a mix of Lycan & Vampire, which is almost as rare as your mix of Vampire & Faerie." My mom growled in agreement. We then decided to get out of there before someone came in and discovered a beast in the room. It wasn't until after we climbed out the window when we realized that we were missing the rest of our group. I climbed back into the window and waited for everyone to finish bathing. After about 30 minutes Katherina & Rei had come out of the bathroom, fully dressed and started to walk out the door when they saw me sitting on my bed playing solitaire. Rei walked over to me and asked me what happened so I told him our plan. He nodded and took Katherina and led her to the window as he asked Kayden and Braiden to help her out. The about 20 minutes later Kyoyo and Kaoru came out just as they were putting on their shirts. They looked at me, then the window and started towards the window without me even telling them what was going on. Since they were the last ones out I followed him out the window and as soon as we were on the ground my mother led the way and we set off on our journey again. According to Braiden we would be passing through two more towns before we would get to the forest. It was decided that at the second town we would stop to eat and rest. Before we had even gotten to the first town we were attacked by some vampires that the man had sent. I'll admit that these guys were stronger than the last batch had been. They kept using everything possible to kill us but it failed miserably when my mom started fighting. #

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