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A song/poem about love, and how it takes years to realize what you're after.
The beginnings of a song.  I would encourage you to help me
with it please, thanks. -3rd

What Love is Not:
by Nate Jacob

Today while the sun shines, I would hold you near,
to kiss away your sorrows and put to rest your fears;
I know now that night will come, and I will hold you close,
glad to be, held in return, as the one you love the most.

Please be patient as my heart grows dearer,
know now my darling I would hold you nearer,
but there are things I must try to do,
so that when I come home to you
I can marvel, at the feeling of
why you chose me at all.


It's a faith of pain and grief, met with long forgotten past
of joy and love and stillness that never would but last
of others I've held closely, dreaming nigh of you.
and through this smile I whisper, an I Love You.

And, though I woke each morning, praying God would hear,
that He would someday bring you near,
I loved you, because, I thought I knew what love was,
now, I realize, I love you because, I know what love is not

and each before has taught me,
through some piece that they have brought me,
of a heart I never had
so now dear here's the part,
of which I give you all my heart,
and know you'll patch it's pieces back together.

know that when I kiss you your the only one I'm kissing,
know that when I leave you, your the only one I'm missing
know that all my dreams, are mean little without you,

So there's joy replaced from sorrow,
there's a feeling that tomorrow,
will bring the day where I will wake up, and realize your still not a dream,
and the sun will be jealous that I have you to fill my skies.

*alternate words (to barely find the joy that i have known,
      as i slowly go, and then hurry home)

Parts I don't know where to put yet:
i gaze back to your loving eyes, and hold the hands that hold my heart
of blessings that await us as we dream along the way

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