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"The sweet aroma and succulent taste...excellent, savory red wines for any occasion.."
The sweet aroma and succulent taste
Of a delectable, cherry-colored cabernet,
Or the romantic and much sweeter quenching
Of a remarkable and memorable, blood-hued merlot.
Excellent, savory red wines for any occasion,
Particularly satisfying with a rare and juicy steak
And a creamy, delicate side of potatoes...
I sample the rich and robust flavor
Before the soup or salad arrives,
And I am in awe of my expensive and tasty selection.
The first ambient and mild glass teasing my palette and
Offering hope that I will have at least one more
To accompany my tasteful, extravagant meal. 
Softened, but alert, I gaze at the fine
And spacious restaurant setting,
Its loyal patrons engaged in relaxed and thoughtful chat,
And occasionally peer out through the artsy and elaborate
Windows at the bright signal lights of the intersection.
Likely passing on dessert, my friend and I will split the costs
Of this worthwhile and engaging meal,
Generously tipping the kind and courteous server,
And leave with to-go boxes in hand,
Returning to this stylish and favorite haunt of ours
In the not-too-distant future...
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