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by Inky
Rated: E · Monologue · Scientific · #1430752
I wrote this when I wanted to vent some exam anger
The Despair of a Science Student

It seems this year is determined to kill all my sense of life, which is now devoted to a university. Just when one folder of brain clogging, eye-dazzling, head throbbing non-sense ends, it seems another spontaneously pops open. Let me count how many exams I've sat since ambling across these red-bricked enclosures? Two in first year and second year, three in third year, consisting all in all of about 30 papers of varying lengths.

My life is one big examination - English students talk of Sophocles and Aristotle and the drudgery of writing essays of other authors. At least they have a language in common and is not their expression very similar?

How difficult must it be then for one to study the thinkings of scientists - formulae and diagrams theorized by sometimes convincing, sometimes blurred explanations.

College is no place for using one's intelligence or mind - to do that is extra curricular, non-syllabus - we must train or brainwash ourselves into others' thoughts who've previously been influenced by previous thinkers.

To decipher genetics is akin to deciphering the planet Pluto. Why should reknowned breakthroughs be easily understood and enforced on our innocent minds? To save us from producing our own inventions and discovering it's already done?

Why do scientists presume everyone advances when one "genius" advances his or her thinking?

Layer upon layer, sentence upon sentence, diagram upon diagram, page upon page, folder upon folder, book upon book, archive upon archive of bright ideas flung together with almighty force most losing half their meaning as their makers had lost half their minds in their creation. To seep and saw through epidermal, mesodermal, endodermal, sub-endodermal, dorsal endodorsal, ganglia, axon, sub axon, memory, subconscious. Such a long journey it would be if our thoughts came through our skin but don't they when we feel? Contact sends varying messages - pure thoughts, or even impure such as science.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1430752-The-Stresses-of-a-Science-Student