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Censorship Editorial for a highschool newspaper
Censorship within schools is a normal thing in today's society and could be a good thing. But some students don't think it is right to be censoring things inside school grounds.
Freedom of speech is just one of the freedoms that we have today in America. Schools have not only violated that freedom but has also, somewhat, taken it away. Students should be able to express themselves and their opinions fully without a punishment lingering behind every single word they speak or write. "There should be no censorship unless slander is involved," Mrs. Blinn, Rochester Staff. Important issues may not be as thoroughly discussed as they could have been due to the censoring put on it. Students are forced to speak in a politically correct manner, as in they are forbidden to speak of things that the government or school does not think is "appropriate". When it comes to publishing things, like our school newspaper, anything the administration says is not allowed, is not published. Stories that have dirt or a stain on our school's staff/administration is to not be published and must be censored or no publication.
On the other hand, censorship is also seen as a good thing. Censoring the things that are published or said can be protecting of harmful or offensive meanings to a person or people. Censorship could prevent fights, disputes and controversy within the schools and act as a "big brother", so to speak. Censoring the works being published would help enlighten the readers without offending anyone and still give the readers all the facts and information. Some people agree with the censoring because it helps protect the young minds of the students and can be viewed as a safety issue.
To censor or not to censor, that is the question. A question that still stands today. Censoring to protect or censoring to block expression? Censorship in schools today both have ups and downs, it's the schools decision on whether or not they have gone too far.
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