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Rated: E · Documentary · Philosophy · #1431315
Political America

Shall we stand to take this from which we call our freedom, Our Liberty,
This our country of men who fought and fight for all we have. Have we lost our way,
To let greed consume us, to let lying men steal us blind and sell us to the highest bidder as we commons pay for the pain and scarefice of our blood,
our paychecks and our happiness to feel pinched by the new nation of political
our rage that we are now seeing?
To think that anyone that we call our Commander and chief shall step aside and
let the county be bilked by other countries preying on us as though we have nothing but humble pie to offer. We who as a nation stand so far in debt that we
can't find the right way out anymore unless it is to open the door to greed.
We once were a brotherly kind who provide a lending hand to our neibors,
instead now we face a foreclosure from the banks we made strong as they sold
our paper to make more money and we became the fools.
As we sit hear, now in the darkest of times, waiting for a new leader, wondering what shall become of those who can not afford to drive, to commute as we once did because greed showed all our enemies that this was the best way to get into our country and rip the rug out from under us.
Shall we all in the middle class or the lower class be derated to the point where the rich win, the rest loose. What happen to the Peoples choices. We have no choices, the elections are faked and the abuse we deal with is real. We now can only point fingers and say who did what while the real players keep on playing. We dont count anymore. An election is won by a super delegate who gets money for his sway..
Certainly someone see this. Someone feels the cost of fuel, the increase of food, the loss of retail business and the degeneration of America against the back drop of a political Con.
Somewhere someone is turning over in there grave seeing what is. Something just landed again on Mars...Somehow we borrowed 45 Billion dollars from China, somebody is electing a president for the wrong reasons only to be a muse. Does any understand that the vote for a woman or a black man as president is going to change our brittle world forever. No, it is not the any of these people are bad or wrong or unfit..No...No...It is the aftermath of what shall happen if, oh dear god, something worse happens. What would America do if a black man were president
and then shot down like Kennedy, Only for political gain which just like Kennedy we would never know of..Do you know what would happen to an already fine china world the black and white men and women live in now..It would devide us all again.
And if a Woman were elected, and then murdered for the same reasons...The woman's movement would go crazy and the United States would be like a gash on a wound, Riped apart from political agenda's for gain while all of us, black, white, red yellow or green paid a price. Both Men and women..Who to blame...
Who to fix it. Who will even admit to life on other planets, certainly no political entity because unless an alien comes to the earth, and starts zapping man with ray guns.....They don't exist. But we do, Americans who pay for gas and are the foundations of all that was build. We are the common souls who live day to day, moment to moment, hoping some nut does not try to hurt our children, wage war at a gas pump or try to blow us up while all our men and women are fight for another vietnam. Weapons of Mass distruction? Maybe they should go back in time and see the Savings and Loan destruction 20 years ago and they might find similar peoples names there also...
And try going to a town called Orlando or Miami where you "Have to "speak spanish in order to buy or do business. And if you don't you are ignored because the people there were allowed into this country to become part of it. They were allowed to speak there language and not told to speak english first as it once was when our grandfathers came hear from Germany, Poland, irland china, russia, sweden and italy to name a few places..No all those people speak english first. These other people were put hear as an act of kindness and found a sucker politican to take a bribe and pass a law allowing a second lauguage. The problem is that now these same people treat those who were hear and don't know spanish like
dirty peaces of trash, they talk spanish in front of you and act like you are the foreigner. And when we say please speak english, the snub you. Is that what we wanted to do? Now I know how a deaf and Blind man feels in life...As though he can no longer true america...
see or hear the true meaning of
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1431315