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Castigations of the Mirror is a surreal accusation aimed at all of humanity.
Castigations of the Mirror
By: Constantine

         In this life many things will come and go as surely as Time itself will pass relentlessly, and incandescently, vibrantly, and of course, disarmingly;  it will softly illuminate the most shadowed depths of existence. A candid lantern smothering its own ember flames gently; not murder, apathy.
These objects, in which so much affection will surely reside, represent nothing more than narcissistic ambiguity, on which we all- we all of us-, at some point in that river, Time, have surely struggled, drowning, to grasp on to; nothing more than one's desperate attempt at confiding one's deepest, most incognito, fits, those fits that cease nothing short of causing, not one, but many, an apocalypse. 

         An alarming rate of melancholy apathy has been dealt here of late, and as one must certainly realize, the jaded public, society as it were, stands naked growing goose-bumps in the chilling winter breeze. Malignantly, one must calculate their own relations accordingly to the appearance of that relation in specific. Forgive me my faults, but I'll have no trespass forgiven of me, for me when I trespass, I certainly do so in full knowing of the consequences, however severe or inadequate they may be, I would be given in return. Revenge is the red apple from which we are, all of us, cautioned, and yet, it would seem, it is also the only one we all seem to, egotistically, obtain. Ego is the father of Revenge, but surely Ideology is it's grandfather. The ideology of each visionary, surely gains it's own representation of the physical realm, secular or not, we all are,  collaboratively, constructing, ignorantly. As a wise man once said to me, " Ignorance may be bliss, but I prefer Apathy." And it will be the apathy of those identities in question that will surely hinder further progress of the so called democracy of which we are all inherently, from birth, a birth right of sorts, entitled to claim. The feeble policies that govern our "better judgment" may also be the source from which communistic idealism grows, because as communism represents the condescension of those for who it would serve, it may also prove to work in far more advantageous lines. Of course, it is of judgment for the betterment of mankind as a whole, an entire entity as opposed to the several races, metaphorical, indirect, species, of man that currently coincide on the blue marble, our blessing, Pandora's box. 

         Indeed, it is so that I prove my point by simple logic, logos; and the point to be proved is simply that for those of us who would have it, perspective is the only inherent ability that mankind can utilize in the course they would travel. To steer through the obstacles that often prove treacherous, we can rely on nothing but our own observations, and perspective, of those obstacles in question. It is only the myrmidons that hinder an advancement of the human perspective, through their flawed ideologies and corrupt sentiments; we must utilize a perspective to compensate for lack of secular utensils.  As we may take in the crude visage, a facade of unprecedentedly grotesque  corruption, our dreams will kamikaze in a display of kaleidoscopic conformity to the machine, the one which we have all at some point in our days after we sprung from Pandora's box, the womb of impedance, caressed in a Utopian foolishness. This Utopian foolishness isthe cumbersomeness that society will inevitably always bear.

         It is here that the reality we know can mingle with the surreal, and procure disembodied, neglected, unattained, and indeed unattainable, hopes, and democratic speculation about all that is indeed metaphysical. The metaphysical, lain with jewels, glimmering in the vast source of light, hope, overbears, and overstays its welcome to its own realm, and indeed proceeds to grasp on to the reality we know, our own realm, kingdom, Pandora's Kingdom.


         It was Late in Autumn and the leaves had begun their ultimatum, by alternating in color from an orgy of light green, and dark emerald, to the burnt topaz and light brown, as they often did around this time of year. As a leave tumbled from the sky and landed gracefully on his hand, Aiden began to ponder the meaning of their color change. Why did the leaves shed their traditional skin this time of the year, in an attempt to fly away and birth a newer, more vibrant, in a sense anyways, shell? Perhaps, he thought, it was not so much that they were changing, as much as it was that they, assuming they had some sense of life cycle, realized their imminent end was nearing, and rather than die right in the very place they had been born, they would fly, they would experience life, maybe they recognized that the beauty of timely sight, and ancient wisdoms, both of which could be felt in every corner of Pandora's Kingdom, were an unorthodox quarry of exquisite natural art, untampered, unbetrothed, and ultimately unrecognized, yet, by the human hand.

" Aiden ! Aiden!I found you, finally!," a beautiful creature speed hastily, as much as could be done anyways given the species of garment that hid her soft, luscious, untouched virgin body, towards Aiden. He surrendered his sight to the recognition of the place he was in. The natural path that twisted off in the distance, reminiscent of that utterly definitively hellish serpent that often over-hung the human life, was overlooked on each side by the sloping lands and hills of this majestic kingdom; dangling off each slope were great flowers, a rather ancient statement, as was often described in the literature that had been preserved so carefully by the higher-classes, of the unfathomable natural gorgeousness of this land, represented by the kaleidoscope of earthly hues lingering on the air beneath the slopes. The land beneath his leather boots, compacted, was still wet overlain with a light morning dew, the tears of Pandora. How curious that Pandora shed tears for the Life she released, all the pain and despair, and yet how unbecoming that the one who ultimately created the life of this kingdom, kept for herself hope; perhaps, Aiden suspected inquisitively, Pandora kept that hope in her box, to remind her own self that all of those terrible things that made mankind relied on nothing more than their opposing counterparts, for greed there was charity, for hate , love, for treason , allegiance, and so on and so forth, and it was for her own self that she unobtrusively, held her Hope so that she would be given courage that she might know what had become of her seductive gifts, would of course have been, in the recent times, something that she should know as a gift to the world rather than an awe striking, mishap. " I'm here Kacey!" Aiden replied soulfully, indeed he was inspired to live just in that moment, when his eyes fell upon her delicate frame. Her hair dropped nearly to her thighs, it was a bottomless black, shimmering lightly in the shadowed path they were standing on;  oaks warped spectacularly above them, either leafless or encompassed in the cringed figures of the aging clay and pumpkin tinted stars, misshapen. And in the beautiful spiraling trail that was both before, and behind, them the warped set of oaks that overshadowed them gave one a certain sense of security, even in the presence of such a metaphorical evil. Her eyes were deep lakes of shallow black and well drowned brilliant blue, the type of blue that seemed to beam with the light of the moon and the unorthodox appeal of the stars in the night sky; it might have been said that Kacey's marbles, that set subtly in their appropriated places, seemed to have some paranormal vibrancy about them, in the dark they were engorged with a  piercing indigo, in light they had an ember dark about them; such was Kacey's appeal to almost everyone about Parrihi, that her reputation was foiled from the very breath that gave her life. She was the divine, and surely the primary, example of what a women should be, but even so it was said of her that in the most secretive hours of the eternal night, she would invite young virgins to her Parent's "palace" that set far up in the mountains of the area just outside of Parrihi, and would proceed into the most foul of ritual sex, and un-ordained sacrifices; that she would separate the limb from body, and indulge her senses in the blood of her virgins invites. Death was what everyone who did not know her named her, and Sensual Beauty was what those who did, knew her as. She stood but 5'-4" from the earth, and yet her beauty was more than what was natural, and yet it was but a lingering kiss on the lips of her existence, compared to the unsurmountable seductiveness  that was an integral part of her air.

         " Aiden I am so glad to have found you," Her eyes were now that inseparable incandescent blue that at certain times, presumably when she was feeling most emotional, radiated forth, "I should like for us to go together to see a manor, one which my parent's have assured me that I should be most pleased with." She smiled gently, her loveliness was somehow sacred. " Nothing should please me more, my lady, than to protect you in your trek to that manor." Aiden replied, in a bowing motion, dramatically, following Kacey said, flush in her powder white face, "What a romantic you are Aiden!"
" Do you find it a dreadful attribute for one to carry?" Worried, Aiden hurriedly, to her. " Oh, on the contrary my dear Aiden, I do believe it is not only non-dreadful, but I find it to be quiet a sensuality to which all the women should find a very keen liking," Kacey reassured Aiden in her unobtrusive way.
A smile crept on to Aiden's visage, and he offered her his arm, she took it embarrassed, and they traveled down the twisting path before them, down the spine of the curvaceous serpent, and onwards to its humble abode, hell, Parrihi, that one surely recognized as the mecca of humanity.

         As the tails of Aiden's stylish overcoat, lagged in the gentle, icy, autumn breeze, the hue of the path behind them , of course without their knowledge, seemed to drain, and all began to look an iced over black and white, much like the photographs of old. A whimsical notion seemed to overcome the land itself, and as Kacey took her light steps  farther and farther from the place where she and Aiden had been, Life seemed to drain from the kingdom; Surely it was not that life was transcending the kingdom to join Pandora, but maybe it was more proper to say that humanity was chasing the life in the Kingdom away. After a curious stroll on this trail, through the most lush forests on the outskirts of Parrihi, the two befuddling beauties, Aiden and Kacey, came upon the city Parrihi. Standing there, next to the columns of the gate that gave a sense of security to the citizens of Parrihi, were two solemn guards, covered, head to foot, in  uniform white jumpsuits, in their hands lingered plasma rifles, and upon their faces hung the latest identification technology. The antiquity of the architecture within the gate, was a unique contrast to the brilliant white, soft almost, city of Parrihi, built upon sanitation and green laws, that was the result of humanity's 4000 year journey from 0 A.D. to now. A laser protruded from the guard's face masks, and instantly appeared on the innards of the masks,  after scanning each of the two "path-trekkers" eyes, the file on each of them, records, credit, wealth, social status, etc. " You're clear, enter." The guard commanded, authoritatively. They entered, and at first they were blinded by the luminance of the city they were in; but after seconds of lost sight, they gained their image resolution back and beheld the majesty, the result of Pandora's horrible misfortune; The human false pretense that was a sincere concern for the blue marble they inhabited, the one which they knew for a fact was one of only three in the entire universe, and possibly the multi-verse, which was known, now, to exist, but of which the mysteries within were very much unknown.  The trinity of life, as it were, was composed of three spheres that were suspended in oval orbits, and slow rotation, about the sun's of each of their own galaxies, and each third of the trinity had an individual title, at least on this planet, for currently there was life known to inhabit the other two limbs, but contact had not been established due to the inability of the race, humanity, that was the primary species on this planet; the first, on which Pandora's Kingdom resided, was known as Vim, the second one, known to be closer than third to Vim, was known as Abhor, and the third and final was known by the title Amour. The city Parrihi, was a spectacular blend of traditionalistic architecture, and immense Modern simplicity.

          As Aiden led Kacey forward down the brilliant white "roads" of the mecca, he was quiet sure that the scent coming from her was certainly the most  indulgent one he had ever taken. The ironic part of this sense being, of course, that humanity itself is one of the least decadent aspects of this world. We consume all where we settle, and then we move on to consume all that is there, and so on and so forth. Humanity is, but surely, the most universal word for evil.  This mecca an abashing structure of all that is human, and of course it is white, for but what more to live, then the Ego that is generations twice passed a descendant of Ideology? And even as it represents that dark motif, ever present in humanity's long lost secrets, and non-incandescent logic, solid black like the depths of the icy hell, Indeed Dante, but even so it is consumed by the white plaster, that bright hue that humanity reveres as the symbol of innocence; again I say it should be known that ego is what drives the human race onward. Traveling forward, arm linked with arm, and Aiden leading, albeit they paced side by side, Kacey safely grasping his. " You know I have been thinking Kacey, I have known you all of , what , let's say 12 years now, and still I have yet to be with you. Why do you think I have had so many of the women  in this humane palace, and yet you are always so far from me; we all know I have tried for many years now,  I am but 19 and yet I have had more woman than many of the fathers in this great kingdom. Why is it that your gaze seduces me at every chance you can, and with every move I make forward you resist against all sensuality?" Aiden, bashfully spoke, although with a certain sound of contempt resonant in his voice. "I see, so it bothers you that I hold my virgin body hostage for my own selfish purposes; should not I be allowed to call a ransom on my body for myself when I see it a fit cause, my dear Aiden? I should think you, of all the men who ceaselessly strive to caress my well known virginity, would know quiet well that, while sensuality is indeed one of the most voracious types of attack against my white body, quiet hard to resist from one such as yourself, Aiden, but would you rape my soul of its rightful meaning to he whom I would have know me so carnally?" Kacey leveled quiet shyly, her reddening face flush with warm incite into her sexually starving body. Her eyes lit up blue with an ocean of solid thought crashing serenely in waves of ideology.  Walking onwards they took a left and came upon the transit station. " State your identification number" A computerized voice mechanically spoke, but of course it was nothing more than a human recording. " 777 80957" Aiden spoke rather, drone-like. " 776 58905"
Kacey said in very much the same manner. " Identification number 777 80957 cleared, $120 dollars have been deducted from your credit." " Identification number 776 58905 cleared, $120 dollars have been deducted from your credit." the voice had been nothing more than their personal undoing.

         As one foot Aiden placed onto the electro-magnetic transit vehicle, and one off, his P.C.D (Personal Communication Device) rang in a melody reminiscent of symphonies long since past.
" This is Aiden Constantine."He stated quiet mechanically. " Hey Aiden, I just wanted to tell you we are all here at my place, there were many fresh women on the circuit this night, I should like to have thought you'd be keen on joining us tonight?" the mystery voice spoke. " No not tonight thank you, but I'll tell you I am with Kacey. We are going to see her new manor." " Is that so eh? Another new one ?
Well just listen, promise me you'll treat her to your body while you are out with her; I do believe she could use some ripening." "  yeah well, I have been trying, It has to happen soon I guess right?" "There is something quiet mysterious about her, I am not sure I have ever trusted her, and that I still do not."
" It is fine, I'll be fine you worry about you, now go entertain those guests of yours, be generous." " okay bye." "bye"and he hung up his P.C.D. " who was that Aiden?"Kacey was curious. " It was nobody Kacey just some stock business." Aiden hesitantly replied, and then he inquired, " So what is this manor like?" " oh, it is actually an old family house from years ago, quiet old, it has been restored for years, though it's age is unknown,"that is to amazing! Why it must be made of wood and everything, this should be quiet the experience!" astonished, Adrian exclaimed. It was now that they boarded the transit, and they were off to the nearest station to the manor, and even that would be still miles away from the manor itself. For nearly thirty minutes they rode ( and they traveled nearly 500 miles ), and in their mind's they questioned whether the train was going to go any faster, because they too were impatient, like all the rest of the horrid society one is born into. Constantly we question speed, and while it makes no sense according to our design, nature would have us take months to walk a hundred miles, but of course, as humans this too is a natural design we consider a "flaw" indeed, the problem with the species in today's day and time, is not that we are horrid, although we are, but that we can never accept the natural order of things, in this life. To be human, is to be unnatural.

         The transit smoothly, and levelly came to a halt, and released from its innards the unnatural beings that so un-rightfully claimed the lands. Again the two definitive symbols of humanity were left to prance serenely on such a natural path as the iced, autumn dirt trail. And so they did. Upon their way, the path steepened and much forestation became common, the light turned to dark, and life drained as they strode onwards. When they reached the summit of the mountain path they strode on, The manor came into view. It filled one with a sense of horrid fascination, and a definitive dosage of Time in its own dreadful, yet intoxicating, way. The human hand had written its name on this house, and the two travelers beheld a wonder that filled them with more than a whimsical curiosity, but an untold belief in an ancient knowledge. Fear was struck into their hearts, and love for the sadistic side of humanity would be easily found in such an abashing jab to the gut of the human ego; the disillusioned side of the human ego, naked bare for all to see, just as the house was made of rotting wood ( apparently it was time to renovate again, ) the human soul was made of the rotting remnants of Pandora's box before she closed it again. The forestation was fruitful here, even in the dead of an early winter. The flowers bloomed even in ice, the windows glared with wisdom and eerie likenesses of people Aiden had once known, even in the dead of night; the structure itself pulsated with an aura, however unseen; this was one manor Aiden had never seen, and Kacey had always been a part of.
They strode nearer the eerie structure of unprecedented consumption. Up the rotting stairs onto the beautiful, Victorian porch that wrapped around the manor. The hand crafted columns lead from the railing that contained the porch, and made contact with an over hang, that once again seemed to be rotting( apparently Kacey's Parents had forgotten their own duty of renovation.) The house itself was a beautiful statement of brick veneering, and white siding, though stained with what was red, a crimson form of rust maybe? They walked on the communing porch onwards to the front door; it was a double door, perhaps the one clean thing about the manor so far, and it was almost entirely glass. Simply enough, the elegant patterns inlaid about the glass were a depiction of early Christian tales. This only added to the looming sense of impending truth, that the structure shot off. One would, upon seeing this manor, recognize a certain air of carnal human knowledge. The outer appearance of the house certainly seemed to resemble all of the alleged, seductive, gifts, that one would have assumed fled Pandora's box, and gave birth to what was known as Pandora's Kingdom. The outer edges of the structure seemed to resemble, and reverberate, the dishearteningly, over-powering, hellish traits, that were certainly an intricate gear in the flawed human machine, built up with such an acquiescently condescension of those who peered down, and kept safe the gears cranking, in need of oiling and lubricant, of the flawed machine.  Pandora's gifts were the comparison to which these two definitive, infinite, beauties, Aiden and Kacey, would inevitably relate the house they were upon entering, for all eternity, throughout their lives, and even beyond into whatever unknown possibilities  would await them there, in the uncharted lands of the purgatorial continent, death.  Kacey's hand made contact lightly with the forgotten, corroded, brass door knob, and as she began to slowly rotate it , her life twisted, and Aiden's eye opened more widely than he had ever know; she gently let in her and her companion, Aiden, and as each of their own leading feet made a gentle thumb, echoing throughout the manor, throughout Time, awakening Pandora, for they were close, a sense of dis-ambiguousness fled from within their blood, and they felt more light than light itself, and felt a burden as heavy as the sins of all Time. They lifted their supporting feet and as their secondary feet landed, THUMP, the wooden floor, strewn with dirt, forestation, dust, and webbing, creaked, accusing the two who entered of all that had been kept in Time's deepest chest,locked away until now;Kacey pulled to the door, softly, and as her hand let off the handle, contact disconnected, a rush of wisdom overcame the two, and they were knocked backwards onto the ground. The door locked, CLINK.

"...." Aiden tried relentlessly to speak, to make noise, but his voice was lost, it was drifting throughout Time; how could he utilize his voice if it existed forty years ago, sixty, who knows?
The same was for Kacey. The manor was dis-illuminated, black pits, and shadows, seemed to creep around the two, but as the shadows reached Kacey's Hope, her transcendently satin eyes, lit with a fire of brilliant ocean and they pierced the shadows, she could see, and yet the beams her eyes produced were not able to be seen, only felt, and they were felt. Gazing, the duo regained their stature, and, they began to walk about the manor; Kacey could see all the things about her; Directly in front of them was a huge empty living space, and lining the walls were stupendous stacks of books, thick and new, old and brittle, small and sweet, nice and wise, all books, Latin, German, English , French, Czech, Russian, all languages were here, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Greek symbols, it was all present in this library that had not been very well, as was obvious, acquainted with time, except in the age of the books, but here Time was irrational and every book that was a part of the gargantuan towers of knowledge, constantly aged and renewed they grew brittle, and then they reversed the action; in this library the floor would be encompassed by masses of vibrant life, green botany, and an instant later, in the blink of one of Kacey's  piercing eyes, the floor would smell of deceased vegetation, and the next moment It would be a delicious emerald once more. To either the right, or the left, one would see a staircase that ran into the sky, transcending the life that was known to the duo of all that was human. They traveled forwards to the ramp that would take one to heaven, and they began the epic journey of enlightenment, and transcendence; on which , this journey, they would become all that was not human, truth, hope, love, infinitely wise, and yet what is wisdom when sized by the human mind; wisdom to the human is knowledge of wealth, carnal knowledge of one another, secrets of the society to which one is delivered upon birth, and so curious that these two, these two epic beings, this duo of sincerity, curiosity, of naturalism in unnatural form,  would, no, could recognize the mistakes that humanity has often made, repeated on and on, so much so that it is not a matter of mistake now, but, a matter now of a limb from the human species egotistical ass, and that this duo could comprehend that they themselves, although an occurrence in nature, were not a natural aspect of Vim, perhaps they were not originally from Vim perhaps in this Timeless place, they understood their ancestry was Abhorian in nature, or perhaps, they were Amourian, or even more, perhaps, this existence of theirs was not even real; that reality they knew was perhaps nothing more than an aspect dwelling within the maker's mind, Pandora, God, Me, You, The People, whoever it may be, perhaps Kacey and Aiden , were the most curious form of life to "exist" because they did indeed understand the futile efforts of their existence, if indeed, as they questioned, they did even exist? But maybe even, in a non existence on that plain, it could be said that if they did exist in the Maker's mind, as they began to ponder on their long journey into the heavens, they may not have existed on the plane the Maker did but perhaps, because if they were an ideal lofting its way throughout the ideology of the Maker's thought, they did exist in some form, on some plane, in some way they did exist, but why? Did they exist to loft effortlessly, yet painstakingly, throughout thought in the most acquainted aspect of life with Time? Were they there in the place, this manor of forgotten wisdoms, and basic natural principles of humanity, for no other reason than to simply be able to say to one another that they did indeed exist? How could they know? How could they be aware of a possible non-existence if they did exist right now walking upwards on a staircase of frailty, as humans often rely, the pathway to understanding, guarded by Victorian rails on either side of the staircase, and what the possible residents of existence assumed was the real existence of a beautiful carpet flowing the length of the ever going slope?

          At the last bit of the notion they were both, unknowingly that either one was, pondering, they reached the summit of enlightenment, and upon the first strand of hair, setting in the slight breeze that seemed to flow throughout the manor, crossed over the slope of the final steppe, the manor transformed into an infinite amount of white; as it transformed, overcoming its long lasting cocoon of metaphysical-metamorphosis, a beautiful women appeared, her silk like brown hair held up in a gorgeous statement of original exquisite expression, her garment revealing her seductive, smooth stomach, and her hips longed to have Aiden within. Upon her head she wore in the front a folded clothe to hide her hairline, upon her lips she wore nothing but natural beauty, her eyes shimmered with the antiquation of human-less  speculation in their golden radiance, and all the rest of her sexually inclined body flowed with the definition of seductiveness, and her timeless beauty was unmatched by any other. She could speak, but she did not, oh no, she but handed to Aiden a sword, the blade of this sword larger than any other, its weight would have been hundreds, thousands of pounds in reality, but here it was an effortless practice to swing, its guard topaz within diamond, its handle warped leather strands circumferential about the actual diamond handle within their tight degradation. To Kacey she handed nothing, however, she stripped Kacey of her clothes, Aiden trying to look away, and his gaze being pulled, forced back on Kacey, by this masochistically, however much un-premeditated, beautiful being; As Kacey's clothing fell to what seemed to be "the ground", although it to was white, She became flushed with awareness of  Aiden's longing gaze.  It should be said that  as Kacey was stripped of all her "civility" she was covered with all of what was the most natural part of the unnatural human, her skin a pale creamy apricot was the clothing that she had been given by the human body, and it was to that uniform she should have been accustomed to, and yet it seemed with all the violence Kacey had been acquainted with in her life, curious that she should be so conscious of her naked existence, her sexuality, her promiscuously untouched body. The Mystery Women kissed Kacey on her pallid lips, and as Kacey's lips pulled off, after what seemed an eternity, her skin became much more flush, more warm, her lips more vibrant, her face reddening by, what would have been the second had Time not seemed to have stopped, in comprehension, and acquisition of what it was to be the true human, to be nature's true design, to have to be naked, unclothed, to have to fight to gain what one yearned for, to have to kill or be killed, rape or be raped, marry knowingly or wed unlawfully, according to one's will in any case; she understood that Aiden gazing, mentally raping her body, upon her uncovered frame, was not wrong, but that it was natural and that human instinct was the one natural thing about humanity in the first place that was meant to separate us from the rest of the animal kingdom in that we have a choice in whether to heed instinct or not, the natural aspect that was worked by nature strictly to be unnatural. Nature yielded an indefinite unnaturalness. The sword glinted in the white palace, Kacey's body seemed to flow with sexuality, or perhaps it was not sexuality but a beauty only noticed by the enlightened one who understood much of the cause of what was a natural unnaturalness.

         The mystery women stripped herself of all her clothes, and started towards Aiden, and instantaneously Kacey sprung onto her, gripping her neck and crushing her unseen flowing life, with her hands, no weapon, no crafted thing, by a natural occurrence, as death was; As Kacey squeezed tightly, the mystery women let loose her soul, and passed into the realm beyond this purgatorial border, to the true purgatorial continent, death. Kacey stared alarmingly, hurtfully, into Aiden's eyes; stared at him there unclothed, bare, open , and Aiden stood gazing back astonished, then to where her clothes had fallen, they disappeared. Kacey looked to this spot to and became frightened by the fact that what was there had disappeared. What was curious to Aiden was not the fact that  the clothes had suddenly become gone, but was the fact that he understood Kacey's expression to mean she believed the clothes to have ceased to exist, and that was his automatic assumption as well; but why he wondered, did they pessimistically assume a sudden loss, rather than ponder the possibility that maybe the clothes did not cease to exist, but perhaps they had just been taken from this realm, this place, to another.
His sword lit up with rosy colored waves of, what  resembled, electricity, and as it did within the diamond, pure untouched clarity, blade, the limb by which one cuts another down, words or otherwise, by extension, ideas, mirror images of what was happening appeared. Vim flew with the speed of something being untouched, that is to say that it seemed not to move at all, but rather that it seemed to move all else about it. Kacey looked into the blade and her clothes were on, Aiden looked up to her and they appeared to be on her once again, but Kacey looked startled from the blade to her own structure and she was, to herself naked. Kacey pondered the meaning of this, scared; she decided that the look in Aiden's eye told her he could not see her naked, but what he saw was what she wanted him to see, it was feasible that this unique blade of atonement showed to one nothing more than ideas, not ideas, truth. She was not naked because her soul was clean, that is to say that in this life, this existence, Pandora's sins, unnaturalness, could be overcome by faith, not in a god, not in the metaphysical but in one's self-awareness. Aiden carried the sword, effortlessly, as he waltzed gently over to Kacey, he grasped her in a loving hold, a single hug, and they were again back in the manor, the upper-floor, not heaven, but curious still in Aiden's hand was the sword that had been given him, it weighed slightly more than it had in white, as it was now, still diamond, but as the house was wooden and rotting, it was a dank brown, a blackish tint, not because the diamond actually was that hue, but because the diamond acted as a filter of sight, and it was indeed translucent, thus, if Aiden held the blade over a crimson rose, the blade would seem to have inlaid in it a red rose. They began to walk to the left, on which was a tunnel-like hallway dark completely black, no flowers, but shadows that leaped about its distant emptiness. As the two walked, Aiden's blade reflected the black hall within itself and it suddenly became so heavy that it slammed to the floor, fracturing the already unstable wooden flooring. It was the deepest black that could be seen, it had no limit, it was a void, an entity that devoured all, beautiful in it's own "existence" though. As Kacey gazed down into the blade, realizing that her support Aiden had stumbled because of its weight, her eyes lit it up with a most glorious raciness, but it was a form of raciness that was rather sanctifying rather than condemning, and as it did the blade's weight decreased, and Aiden lifted it. They continued to walk onwards, defended from the shadow's yearning clan by the sky blade. As they walked the hall seemed to stretch, on and on until now a darker "sky" could be made out by Kacey, and on the horizon where void meet absence, there was a sphere of pit; it seemed they were voyaging on a small rowboat now; It was leaky, and in the back most part of it hung a lantern, illuminating the infinite tenebrific pelagic firmament.  In front of them the liquid hate, drifted in a void around the nose of the small craft. They skimmed through abomination to the purview of sapience.
At last they drifted over the end of this dark existence and as the boat fell flat, as if it were still skimming the waters of "despisation", They seemed to have been falling for an eternity, with gargantuan calamity, of waters obliterating one another's heart, descending even further beneath, and behind them. At last they landed into the sphere, that had finally let its circumference come to a meeting with the waters, of humanity, and as they entered it the boat vituperated its own existence, and it mutated into the "myrmidonical" aspect of humanity, wish, and the two fell without a guard beneath them. They landed on a curvaceous surface, and they began to look, mystified into one another's eyes, questioning their whereabouts. As Aiden lifted his blade, it reflected the image of a human brain, and his blade grew heavier than ever, even than when black, and it scathed the object on which they found "solid footing", as the blade landed into the object, blood flung into the air, tissue speckled the pitch black above them like immense apricot celestial bodies, and realization wormed its way effortlessly into the duo's minds. They were inside a human head!

They dropped into a jelly of electrified tissue and blood, they had fallen into the inside of the human brain through the crevice the blade had constructed for them. And as this realization crept onto them, they seemed to be flown into a dream, they were in Parrihi. It was high noon, and the clock towers struck into every passerby's mind that it was indefinitely 12 pm. They were standing in the center of the grand city, in it was a fountain that's size was only matched by the aspirations of the ruler of Pandora's Kingdom. All about the bottom of the fountain stood plants, flowers, trees, shrubbery, and the fountain itself stood on a grass knoll. On a larger scale the center was constructed much like a park, in that around the fountain was much area to walk , and in each of the farthest corners, or arcs seeing as how circles do not have much of corners, waited benches for drones to rest on. And circumscribing this area were but more trees, and forestation, hiding within their deceiving limbs, from an aerial view in any case, walkways for the humans to enjoy. But in the fountain flowed not water, nor any liquid for that mater, but a mist, a strange milky metallic substance. Aiden, mystified by this unusual occurrence, one of which he had never witnessed in all his 19 years,  lifted the blade in his possession slowly and stuck it into the fountain's excretion. As he did this the beautiful faces of perfectly constructed human droids about them, warped into skulls like resemblances of hell, and as the substance made its first contact with the blade, it corroded the diamond surface, dying the diamond from an innocent clarity, to a singing maroon black. And as the substance worked its way through the blade, a steam came from within it; Kacey and Aiden stared into each lengthy strand of steam that birthed from it, and within each was an idea, corrupt ideas reminiscent of Utopian foolishnesses, like those Parrihi had been founded upon, Democracy. Kacey began to weep as she turned from the evaporation of the blade towards the "citizens" of Parrihi, they were decomposing frames of flesh and gore, and they tried with much effort to grab on to Kacey as they marched onwards, closing in on the fountain. As Kacey wept Aiden tried to snatch his blade from the fountain, but it was too late the milky metallic substance, had hardened into a likeness of steel re bar in the center of the blade. The vampiric undead corpses marched uniformly in a hunger to devour thought, Kacey and Aiden. They reached upon them and the duo fought hard, fought with unprecedented strength to flee, but it could not be done; the corpses began to sink their teeth into the limbs of each of the two travelers. As they did, Kacey regained voice and shrieked with insurmountable pain as the corpses, the citizens of Parrihi, the patrons of Utopian ideology, devoured her fingers. Just then, Aiden realized, in what could have been a hallucination of himself overcoming this obstacle( he to was yelling, as he regained his voice, in pain unmatched, as he was becoming the substance by which the undead "lived"), he had began to have faith in his blade, in innocence, in purity, in all that could be done by humanity to coexist with nature on this brilliant marble. As his faithfulness persevered his blade loosed itself from the fountain of corrupt sentiments, and he swung it towards those who devoured Kacey, self sacrifice. In that moment they warped from this place and the two were tumbling above the path where they had first met. And as they fell they landed into themselves, but they still saw life from the view of the tumbling leaf. Aiden fell into his hand gently, and the two set off in the other direction on the serpentine path, away from Parrihi, towards nature, and the promise of a natural humanity.
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