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It's midnight, and the city is brimming with a vibrant energy. During the day these streets are walked by all manner of business men and office workers, but at night they are taken back by the young. The dazzling neon signs set the sky ablaze in a rainbow cocktail of fluorescent lights. You can hear the loud bass of the club music tremble out into the streets, as downtown begins to breathe and take on a life all its own.

Groups of up to 12 people buzz outside the clubs in a purely tribal atmosphere. Although most are only looking for a good time, the few looking for trouble are enough to leave an unmistakable tension in the air. With so many tough guys and alpha males gathered in one place, everyone knows a fist, a knife, or even a gun may come into play.

*need to describe Devin and Jordan, and where they are*

"Look at the stars, it's so rare to be able to see them this clearly with all the lights and smog of the city and junk," said Devin, while staring up hopefully into the sky.

"Sure, I guess." Jordan said passively while she squeezed up next to Devin with her tight little body. The small black dress she had on only made her more enticing.

"Sorry, just making a little wish," said Devin, with a smile.

"Oh? And what's that?" asked Jordan.

"That I meet the right girl tonight," Devin answered.

"What if you already have?" she asked with fixated eyes.

"I'll let you know by the end of the night," Devin laughed.

Devin tried hard to subdue his excitement. He had his sights set on Jordan ever since he first saw her creamy skin, light blonde hair, and the two gorgeous silver orbs she passed off for eyes. He dressed with the intent to impress. His maroon, buttoned-up long sleeve complimented his well toned physique, and contrasted just enough with his unique punk hair style which featured a large forelock of jet black hair that hung off the side and covered a portion of his face. He capped it all off with presentable black dress pants and matching loafers.

She wrapped Devin's thick lock of hair around her finger and twiddled it around as they walked towards the doors one of the hottest clubs in town: Club Ode. While making their way through the parking lot, Devin couldn't help but feel a burning stare focused directly at the back of his neck. He turned to the side and noticed a large group of thuggish males, with a few in particular taking a keen interest in his arm candy date. While turning back to walk into the club, he noticed a dreadlocked man among them shooting him a smile.

Devin took a deep breathe to calm his nerves. He knew he was adequately trained to handle himself in a fight, but that's the last thing he wanted to have to do. Tonight was about him and Jordan, and he didn't want to screw it up. His date noticed the tension building in his eyes, and decided to do something about it. Jordan gave Devin a mischievous smile as she took him by the hand and led him to the dance floor. After a few minutes of dancing, along with some fast and furious grinding, all of Devin's worries over the looks he received outside began to melt away.

"Are you seeing anybody?!" yelled Jordan, with blaring speakers drowning out her voice.

"What?!" said Devin, pretending not to hear. He just loved the fact she was the one putting in the effort now, after months of him chasing after her.

"Nevermind!" she said as she began to look around at the other guys on the dance floor.

Devin was really surprised she gave up so quickly, but then again when it came to men Jordan never really had to try for their attention. She had developed her curvaceous body at an early age and it seemed like she only grew more and more stunning with each passing year. Men fawned over Jordan, and fell in love, often. They threw themselves recklessly at her without so much as knowing the first letter of her name. She thought Devin was cuter than most, so when he asked her out on a date she figured 'why not?' But make no mistake, to her Devin was just another notch on her belt. If he turned out to be boring or otherwise unsatisfying, she knew she could easily replace him in as little as 5 minutes flat. While thoughts such as these ran through her mind, Jordan gave Devin the most innocent little look in the world.

The night raged on with hypnotic techno beats that electrified the dance floor. The building shook as the mob moved to the beat like a train wreck. With an awesome wave of body parts rippling through the club, Devin and Jordan found themselves locked right in the thick of it. The noise made it almost impossible for them to speak, but so much of what they said was in their eyes and in their hips. They gave each other teasing looks, and soft brushes against each other's skin. Surreal visions of psychedelic glow sticks and flickering strobe lights further lulled their minds into a dream-like state. Nothing seemed real, and primal gut instinct magnetized them towards each other in a white hot cumbia dance.

A few hours passed, and the two sweaty dancers were ready to call it a night. Devin wrapped his arm around Jordan and started to walk her to the parking lot. The first thing Devin noticed was that the suspicious men were still there. It was almost as if they were staking out the club, waiting for him to come back outside.
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