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When Titan joins a group of skaters, Myst must come to help find his lost skateboard.
The enormous American flag was steadily blowing in the stiff breeze, from atop a well known government building, which was located in downtown Washington, D.C. Right next to the tall, predominant flagpole, a young figure, wearing a red-and-blue costume with white boots, touched down on the rooftop of the building. The figure slowly navigated the rooftop, showing no fear of heights at all, as he slowly walked up to the edge of the building and looked up at the large Star-Spangled Banner. Then, the youth sat down on the edge, and allowed his legs to dangle along the edge of the brick building, as he placed his elbows on his thick, muscular thighs and he rested his chin in the palms of his hands so he could peer down at the people walking in the street below.

As the boy stared at the people below, he hummed to a tune of a song out of pure boredom. The boy was about twelve years old; he was short, only 5 foot and 2 inches tall, and very muscular, and he arrived on the rooftop by an amazing ability to defy gravity, an ability that he was given when he was only six years old. In fact, this ability was not his only one, but he was famous for being the strongest kid on the planet; his name was Titan.

"Man, there has been nothing exciting going on for a while; not one emergency, rescue, criminal activity, nothing..." Titan sighed, as he looked down the side of the building past his white boots. "I'm feeling so bored right now..."

As he sat there on the lonely rooftop a little while longer, he saw several cars ride by past the building where he was sitting. Several people were bustling like ants marching below him, window shopping and admiring the display cases of the stores below. Everything seemed fine, and he concluded that he wasn't needed. After all, he carried his emergency cell phone with him that the Police Commissioner had given him, graciously a few short months ago. He knew that if there was anything that warranted his attention, he was a short phone call away.

The young hero quickly stood up and took to the sky with a mighty leap. His body rose up into the air, and he quickly flew high over the downtown DC landscape. He then banked to the right and flew over the park, where dozens of people were walking around. Several children were wandering around the park, and a few of them had spotted him as he flew in a slow and low flight pattern over the park. They pointed at him and started waving at him right away. After all, it was not that hard to spot Titan as he flew over the city.

Titan continued to glide over the park, enjoying the panoramic view of the city he loved and protected from a vantage point that only he could enjoy. As he passed over the park, he realized that he was approaching a large neighborhood, which was on the opposite side of town from where the Knight's lived. He rarely visited this side of town, so it was a new area for him. Titan had silently hoped to maybe be able to make some new friends on this side of town. He knew that for the most part people would be interested in him because he was Titan. The muscular youth prayed that someone would befriend him as a person first, not just Titan.

Suddenly, while surveying the neighborhood, he noticed a couple of boys who were hanging out in the middle of the street. The community had narrow streets, where all the houses were built relatively close to each other. The streets had wide, concrete sidewalks and all the mailboxes were identical. People had parked their cars in their driveways, and children were either playing in the yards, or they were riding their bikes or scooters in the streets.

A small group of teens had caught Titan's eye from above. They were all skateboarding all over the place. Each doing tricks with varying difficulties. One was kick flipping over a small crate that he had set in the street, while the others were ramping off the sidewalk into the street. Titan saw the kids performing such skilled and amazing tricks. He became increasingly intrigued by the complexity of the kids' abilities.

Even though Titan was someone with powers and abilities beyond imagination, he was still a kid after all. He decided to test the waters and see if he could enjoy the normal activities he observed. Titan thought to himself that it could be difficult, but he was willing to try and have a little normal fun. He counted four boys from the sky, each with his own skateboard. The only thing missing was his board. Titan noted the location and the street name, and he turned around and flew back to his house to retrieve his board. He came back within ten seconds, carrying his old skateboard in his arm.

The four boys were casually hanging out at the curb of the street where they all lived. Ethan was short Samoan kid, with black hair, originally from Hawaii, but had lived in San Diego for most of his life. He was sitting on the curb, looking up at Jesse, who was showing off some of his new skateboard-tricks.

Jesse was the biggest kid of the group. He was chubby and tall, with brown hair and blue eyes. His skating ability was amazing, and he had a knack of fixing anything on a board, except the occasional broken decks.

Nathan was a shy, skinny blonde boy who did not argue or fuss with anyone. All he wanted to do was to ride his board and learn new tricks. He wasn't a good skater, but he worked relentlessly at learning new tricks whenever he could.

Finally, there was Erik. Erik was tall and skinny with long, brown hair. He was friends with anyone, and he just loved to skate and it showed. He didn't have a lot of friends except for the ones that he skated with on a daily basis.

Nathan and Jesse were skating around, side-by-side, as Ethan sat on the sidewalk while Erik stood on the sidewalk and looked on. Suddenly, a red, flying figure in the sky had caught Erik's eye.

"Guys! Look up there! Look up in the sky!" Erik said, as he pointed up to the sky at a flying, red boy, who was carrying something under his arm.

"Who's that?" Ethan wondered out loud.

Titan slowly circled around and then hovered right above the center of the street, stopping just above the spot where Jesse was riding his skateboard. Then he slowly started to descend to the ground, with his legs pointed down and his boots touching down on the pavement first.

"Wow... Look at him! That dude can fly!" Nathan gasped, as he watched Titan land a few feet away from him.

All four boys stopped and starred with slack-jawed amazement, as Titan approached them slowly, while holding his board under his arm. When he got close enough to them, he dropped his skateboard on the ground before him, and he placed his right foot on the center of the board.

"Mind if I join you guys?" Titan asked them cautiously.

For a few seconds, none of them dared to answer. What seemed like an eternity passed like a few seconds, until Erik finally spoke up.

"Guys, do you know who this is?" Erik whispered to the others. "That's Titan! He's the guy who helps the cops, ya know, he helps them with all the criminals and stuff..."

"Are we in some sort of trouble?" Nathan asked him out loud.

"Oh no!" Titan assured him. "Not at all! Why do you say that?"

"Because you help the police..."

"No! I just saw you guys skating, and I was wondering if I could join you... That's all!" Titan assured them.

Jesse folded his arms in front of his chest as he took a step forward, while placing his foot on his board, which was on the ground before him.

"Why would a guy like you want to even hang out with a bunch of ordinary dudes like us?" he asked the young hero. "After all, you can do something that none of us can; you can fly!"

"Yeah, but... When I'm up there, I'm all alone... Every now and then I'd like to hang out with other guys, too... The only way for me to do that, is to stay on the ground..." Titan replied sadly. "That's why I was hoping I could chill with you guys..."

"Is that your board?" Jesse asked him.

"Yup, it's mine... I've had it for awhile..." Titan said, as he bent down and picked it up from the ground with one hand.

Jesse walked over to Titan and reached out his hand.

"Can I see?"


Titan handed him his skateboard and he looked on, as Jesse turned it upside down and examined it. Jesse examined the trucks and the wheels, and then he took a close look at the top and the bottom of the old, light brown skateboard, before he handed it back to Titan.

"That looks like an old board you got there..." he replied. "It looks like it could use a new paint job...Not to mention some new grip tape too, bro!"

"Well, I used to ride it a lot, but I just haven't had the time to ride it recently. I get called into work more often, so I haven't had the time to ride it that much anymore..." Titan explained, as he took the board back from Jesse.

"To work?" Jesse wondered.

"Well, you know... The whole superhero thing..."

"Ahh... Well, I could paint your board for you, if you want me too..." Jesse offered him. "Just let me know. It usually takes me a day or two to fix up a board and let it dry. I can have it looking like new again..."

"Sure..." Titan shrugged. "Lemme think about it!"

"Well, anyway, I'm Jesse..." Jesse said to him. "These are my friends, we all live here in the neighborhood. That's Erik, Nathan, and Ethan..." he said as he pointed to each of the boys respectively.

"Cool! Pleased to meet ya! My name is Titan..."

"Hey Titan!" Ethan said, as he got on his board and started skating down the street. " Wanna race?"

"Sure!" the young hero grinned, as he readily accepted the challenge. He immediately set his board on the ground and hopped on it with his left foot, while pushing off on the ground with his right foot. He picked up speed right away and easily caught up to Ethan, who was only a few feet ahead of him. Titan realized that he could easily overtake him, but he didn't want to discourage him, so he held back and stayed just slightly behind him.

"So, do you live around here?" the young hero asked him.

"Yeah, my house is the next street over..."

"So, do you play sports or any other hobbies besides skating?"

"Oh yeah! Music is like my life, I can show you my large CD collection!" Ethan replied, as the boys came up to his house. "Just follow me, dude..."

Ethan skated up the driveway to the front door of his house. Then he opened the door, and let Titan in. The two boys then walked through the living room and the dining room into the hallway until they reached his bedroom. Once inside, Ethan showed Titan his stereo, his guitar, and a large CD rack holding hundreds of CD's.

"Whoa! You're really into music!" Titan gasped, as the huge CD rack extended all the way up to the ceiling.

"Yeah, I have to use a small step ladder to get to the top rack" Ethan chuckled.

On the other side of the room, the wall was covered with posters of rock bands, fighter jets, and personalities from TV shows and movie stars.

"Do you see a familiar poster hanging on my wall anywhere?" Ethan asked his guest with a sly grin.

Titan walked over to the wall and carefully scanned it from left to right and stopped when he recognized his picture on the top right corner. He then slowly allowed his body to rise up off the ground, and hovered over to where the picture was pinned to the wall using thumbtacks.

"Here! I found it! You have a poster of me!" Titan pointed out.

"Yeah! I think it's so cool that you're here in person. Could you sign it for me?" Ethan asked him, as he handed Titan a black marker. Titan reached down and took the marker from him, and quickly signed his name on the bottom right corner of the poster which bore his image. He flashed a brilliant smile as he handed the marker back to Ethan. Then, the young hero floated back to where Ethan was standing and landed back with his white boots on the floor.

"Well, I guess we'd better get back outside again, before the others start wondering where we are, huh?"

"Yeah, let's go!" Ethan replied, as he led Titan back out the door and on to the street. Both boys then hopped back on their skateboards and skated back towards the area where Jesse, Eric and Nathan were waiting.

No sooner had they arrived back at the other end of the street, or Titan's cell phone started to ring. Titan quickly got off his board and answered the call. One of the officers had called him, and told him that there was a large fire in an apartment complex which was a few blocks away from where he was.

"Hey guys, I have to go back to work. I need to help out with a fire. Can you watch my skateboard for me?" Titan asked the boys.

"Sure, we'll watch your board for you..." Jesse replied.

"Thanks... I'll be right back!"

Then Titan pushed himself into the air and quickly disappearing over the horizon, leaving the four boys behind. All of Titan's new friends stared at the sky as the mighty hero streaked over the DC skyline.

"Dude! What are you going to do with his board?" Erik asked Jesse.

"I'm gonna paint it. But, don't tell him when he comes back. It'll be a surprise!" he replied.

"What if he comes looking for it?" Nathan wondered. "What are we supposed to tell him?"

"Dude... This guy is really strong! You don't want to rip off his skateboard!" Ethan added. "I wouldn't mess with him if I were you!"

"Don't worry... All you need to do is stall him... Trust me, it'll be worth it!" Jesse replied.

"I don't like this..." Ethan sighed.

"You don't want to get a dude like Titan ticked off at you..." Erik added.

"Don't worry, you guys... Just keep him busy! Ask him to show off his powers and stuff... Leave everything to me..." Jesse said, as he took Titan's board under his arm and walked into the garage at his house, closing and locking the door behind him.

"Come on, you guys..." Ethan said. "Let's go to my house... I'm getting thirsty..."

Ethan, Erik and Nathan then got on their boards and skated on to Ethan's house. There, Ethan turned on the TV set, where they watched the news, hoping to catch a report on the fire which had broken out. Maybe they would see their hero in action on TV?

Moments later, and barely four miles away, Titan had landed at an apartment complex, where the room on the fifth floor had caught on fire due to an electrical short. The wiring was old and worn out, and a short had caused a flame to ignite, leading to the roof of the small room to catch on fire. The fire alarm in the building had gone off, and someone had called the police and the fire department had also been dispatched to the scene.

As soon as Titan arrived, he quickly dashed right into the burning room. He grabbed the doorknob and twisted it open, realizing that it was locked. Realizing that time was of the essence, he opted to not play around, this time he reared back his mighty fist and bashed the door completely off its hinges. When Titan walked in, he immediately saw that the room was filled with smoke! The back room was engulfed in large flames, and it was extremely hot inside. The entire roof was on fire as well.

"HEY! Anybody in here?" he shouted, as he quickly scanned the room with his enhanced vision. Then, he dashed through the flaming carpet, and entered the bedroom and the kitchen. The second bedroom is where he found a young woman laying on the floor. She was completely unconscious, and completely surrounded by smoke and flames, as the impending doom of the fire was closing in. Titan quickly hefted her up by placing his arms on her back and her legs, and he carried her out to the front door. Then, with one mighty leap, he vaulted from the fifth floor to the parking lot below, landing almost forty feet below, where Washington DC Fire Department Ladder Company and an ambulance were waiting.

"Thank you, Titan" one of the Paramedics said, as they placed the young lady on the stretcher. "It looks like she suffered from smoke inhalation... I guess you got her out in the nick of time!"

"I'll go see if there's anyone else up there!" Titan said, as he turned around and flew up to the burning room.

Television crews had just arrived on the scene and a reporter started talking before a cameraman, as they transmitted live images for the local news broadcast. In the meantime, Titan walked around the flames of the doomed apartment, and checked every room before leaping back down to the parking lot below.

The lady who was reporting the news quickly walked over to where Titan was standing, since he was watching the firemen who were busing getting the fire hoses ready so they could start putting out the fire.

"Excuse me! Titan!" the lady said to him. "I understand that you had just rescued a young woman, who was trapped inside of this fire ravaged apartment building?"

"Umm yes..." Titan replied shyly, as the lady held a microphone in front of his mouth. "She was on the floor in one of the bedrooms. As soon as I got here, I went into the apartment and I walked around the whole room. I found her on the floor and she was unconscious. That's when I picked her up and I brought her back outside..."

"Well, that was very brave of you, Titan!" the reporter replied. "Weren't you scared of the flames?"

"Sure! I'm always scared! That's why I wanted to get the lady and get out of there as quickly as possible!" the young super-hero replied.

"Well, we just checked with the paramedics and it seems like the lady will be alright! Thank you very much, Titan, for your good work!" the reporter concluded.

"You're welcome! Well, I hate to leave good company, but I have to go!" Titan said.

He glanced quickly at the reporter, smiled and turned away. He then took to the skies and flew away.

"There you have it, ladies and gentlemen... Another person's life has been saved today, thanks to this incredible young boy named Titan, who, as you just witnessed, took off and flew into the afternoon skies. Wow..." the reporter said, as she looked up at the sky. "It's hard to believe that just a few moments ago; I was talking to a kid who could actually fly. Titan is strong, tough, and not old enough to drive; this is Stephanie Spencer reporting live for channel 7 Eyewitness news."

At that very moment, at Ethan's house, Ethan, Nathan, and Erik were watching the news on the TV set in the living room. They had seen the entire report on the burning apartment complex, including the interview with Titan!

"Wow! Did you guys see that?" Ethan said. "That was him! Titan just took off! I bet he's heading this way! He's like probably outside right now dude!"

"Oh come one! He can't fly over here that fast!" Nathan said.

"Wanna bet?" Ethan replied. "Dude, that kid is amazing; there is no limit to what he can do..."

"Oh great, what are you his personal fan club? So, what are we gonna do? He's gonna come looking for us and for his board..." Nathan sighed.

"Well... Go outside and tell him we're here!" Ethan suggested.

"Not me! I'm not gonna go outside!" Nathan piped up. "He's gonna get mad at me for losing his skateboard!"

"You wimp!" Ethan sneered angrily.

"I'll do it... I'll hang out with Titan for awhile..." Erik said calmly.

Erik then got up from the chair; he grabbed his board, and walked out the door.

Back outside, Titan had just landed on the sidewalk, wondering where his new friends had gone. Not only that, but he had also noticed that his skateboard was nowhere to be seen.

"Golly... Where did everybody go?" He said to himself, as he looked both ways across the street. Titan almost took off to fly around the neighborhood, when he spotted Erik coming down the street on his skateboard.

Titan raced over to where Erik was skating at super speed, transforming into a red blur almost instantly. Then, a fraction of a second later, he materialized again, standing right next to Erik. Erik sped right past him on his board, so Titan took off and slowly flew right next to him.

"Hey Erik..." he said to his skating friend.

"WHOA! Dude you are fast! Man... I just saw you on TV... That was pretty cool, the way you rescued that lady from the burning apartment..."

"Oh, thanks... That was an easy rescue... Piece of cake... All in a day's work" Titan grinned.

"Still, you had to get in there, with the ceiling and the walls burning and smoke filling up the whole place... I would have been scared to death!"

"Yeah... Well... The fire doesn't really bother me..."

Erik looked up and grinned as he watched Titan fly overhead.

"What's so funny?" Titan wondered.

"It's so cool, watching you fly, dude! That's so unique! I don't know anybody else who can do that!" he replied.

"Well, I'd rather be skating with you guys..." Titan replied. "Speaking of which... Have you seen my board?"

"Ummm not recently..." Erik responded.

"I left it with you guys about an hour ago, when I got called to go to the apartment complex. Now I don't see it anywhere! Do you know where it might be?" Titan asked him.

"It's probably at Ethan's or at Nathan's. Or, it may be on the street, or on the sidewalk, or near the sidewalk somewhere..."

"Oh man... I hope nobody took it!" Titan said, as he started flying closer to the sidewalk and began to look near the side of the road. "It's the only skateboard I've got! Not to mention my Uncle Tim gave it to me..."

"Don't worry, dude! It'll show up, eventually!"

Titan became slightly more concerned now, and slowed down a little more, as he flew to the opposite side of the street. He landed on the sidewalk and started looking around the curb and the yards of the homes, hoping to find his skateboard somewhere.

"Titan, don't worry about it!" Erik shouted back at him. "Maybe one of the guys has it! Don't stress over it, I am sure that it will show up..."

"You think so?" Titan said, as he took off and landed again, right next to Erik, who had slowed down considerably.

"Dude... It'll show up... Don't worry about your board, okay?"

"Man... I hope you're right..." Titan said with a sad expression on his face. "I hope I didn't lose it, my parents would kill me..."

"What are you so worried about? You are freaking out about your parents getting mad at you?" Erik asked him. "Besides... You can fly! That beats skating by a mile!"

Titan walked over to where Erik was standing, who was standing with one foot on his board and the other on the pavement.

"Oh, come on! How do you know?" Titan said, as he walked right up to Erik.

"Titan! Are you kidding me? I mean, look at you!" Erik said, as he reached out and wrapped his hand around Titan's upper arm. "Look at these guns, dude! They are as big as bowling balls!"

"Oh... you mean my muscles? Yeah I guess they are..." Titan chuckled.

"That's what I mean!" Erik continued. "You are like amazing man! You are super fast, you can fly, and nothing can hurt you. You're the strongest dude on earth! And you're worried about a skateboard?"

"Well... I did come with it..." Titan said sadly. "And now I don't see it anywhere..."

"Man, I'd give anything to have the abilities that you have... Gosh, just to be able to fly alone is awesome!"

"Well... I can make you fly, too... Well, kind of..." Titan grinned.


"It's more like floating... I can toss you in the air and keep you in the air like a kite by using my super breath..." Titan explained. "If... If you want me to do that to you..."

"Y-you mean to tell me... You're so strong, that you could throw me into the air and keep me in the air just by blowing on me?"

Titan shyly nodded his head without saying a word.

Erik perked up and just stared at Titan with a wide grin on his face.

"Alright... Show me! I want to try that!"

Titan gently placed his hands under Erik's armpits. He had to look up to him, since Erik was an inch or so taller than him.

"Alright... Hold on now... I'm going to toss you straight up into the air, okay? Then, when you start to come down, I'll use my super breath to keep you up there. I'll let you float in the air for a few minutes and then I'll catch you in my arms, okay? Don't worry; you won't feel a thing!" Titan instructed him.

Then Titan hurled Erik straight up into the air, sending the boy soaring to a height of almost forty feet! Erik was flying straight up like a man who was shot out of a large cannon! Then, when he lost momentum and started to come down, Titan inhaled and aimed his mouth at Erik's body. Then he formed an "o" with his lips, and exhaled deeply. A mighty gust of wind came from his lips, in a form of a force of wind that was so powerful, that it pushed Erik's body back up into the air again!

"Ooooh wowwwww!" Erik cheered, as he tumbled through the air.

Erik ascended into the air until his body leveled out. Then, after a few moments, he started to descend once again. As he looked down, he spotted Titan, calmly standing on the street below, while looking up to him from the ground. Titan took another deep breath, before he exhaled again. Right away, Erik felt the powerful gust of wind coming from Titan's lungs, which pushed him up into the air again.

"Whoa!" Erik cheered again. "Man, this is awesome!!!"

Titan saw Erik float around the air, and so he decided to give him a minute or two more in the air. He continued to blow on him a few more times, until he leaped into the air himself, and extended his muscular arms. Then he flew just underneath Erik's body as Erik was falling down, so he was able to catch him like a football.

"There! Did you have a fun flight?" Titan asked him, while he was holding him in his arms.

"Dude, that was amazing! You've got to let me do that again sometime!" Erik asked him.

"No problem, Erik... As long as you guys let me join your skating group and I can come and hang out with you and we can be friends, I don't have a problem with that!" Titan replied.

Then Titan landed on the sidewalk and set Erik down on his feet.

"So, now I have a little bit of an idea what it must feel like to be you...And you want to be friends with me, you got it that is all good with me" Erik laughed, as he looked at Titan after the young hero set him down.

"Yeah... Well, as you can see, my hair's always messed up... because I'm flying!"

"Well, I can give you some of my gel, Titan..." Erik suggested. "You can put some gel in your hair, before you take off! It gives you the rock star-look!"

"Rock star?" Titan wondered.

"Yeah! I'm really into music, and all the guys in the popular rock bands wear gel in their hair! Didn't you know that?"

"Umm no?"

"Here, follow me..." Erik said, as he walked over to his house, with Titan in tow.

A few minutes later, they came to his house, where Erik showed Titan his bedroom. Erik had a huge stereo with a massive CD collection and huge posters of music groups covering his wall. Erik didn't have any other posters covering his wall.

"Wow! You're really into music too!" Titan noted, as he wandered around the room.

"Titan! I'm surprised that a guy like you doesn't fly around with one of these tied to your gauntlets..." Erik said, as he came with his little iPod and strapped it to the gauntlet on Titan's right arm.

"Now, place these in your ears..." Erik instructed, as he placed the small earplugs in each of Titan's ears. "Now, I'm gonna hook you up with some music for you to listen to. I'm surprised you don't wear one of these while you're out there flying around..."

Erik then pressed a button on the iPod, which was strapped to Titan's gauntlet. Right away, music started playing through Titan's ears.

"Ooooh... Very cool! Who is it? They sound familiar..." Titan said, while he still had the earbuds in his ears.

"It's a new band called Sypher... They're an up and coming local rock band that has this awesome CD... Do you like it?"

"Yeah! They are awesome..." the young super-hero remarked. "And yeah I have heard of them, My blood brother took me to one of their concerts a few weeks ago ..."

"There! I bet that'll get ya pumped up for a battle, huh?" Erik chuckled.

"Yeah! And it would be great for when I have to fly over great distances..." Titan observed.

"Well, you might want to look into getting one of these..."

Titan then took the earbuds out and removed the iPod from his gauntlet before handing it back to Erik.

"Right now, I just hope I'll be able to find my skateboard..."

"Don't worry, dude... It'll show up, eventually... It's around here somewhere..." Erik said, as he rested his arm on Titan's broad shoulders. "A strong kid like you shouldn't get all bummed out over a lost skateboard when you can fly like a bird and run faster than the speed of sound, do you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I guess..." Titan said, as he looked down.

"Come on, muscle dude, let's go back outside..."

Just then Titan's cell phone rang. Titan reached down in his pocket and pulled it out. He looked on the display and saw that it was Myst who was calling him!

"Hey..." he said, as soon as he answered the call. "What? A bank robbery? No, the Commissioner hasn't called me yet... Are you gonna jump over there? Okay! Sure, well jump me over there if you need me! When? A few seconds? Cool! See you there! Bye!"

Titan hung up the phone, and faced Erik.

"Hey man, Myst is gonna teleport me to the big bank on Main Street, we got a situation going on there. I'll be back in a few minutes, okay?" he said to Erik.

"When will you be back?" Erik wondered.

"I don't know! Maybe in five to ten min...-"Titan replied, before he disappeared into thin air.

"What? Where did he go? He just disappeared before my own eyes! That was awesome!" Erik exclaimed, as he walked over to the spot in his bedroom where Titan stood just a few moments ago. "Wow... That kid is amazing! How did he do that?"

Erik then walked over to the living room and turned on the TV set and flipped the channels until it came on to a station which was showing the local news, hoping they would show something about a local bank which was being robbed.

Meanwhile, inside of the local bank in downtown Washington, Myst and Titan had just appeared at the back entrance to the building. There was a steel door, which led to the main lobby, but the door was locked from the outside.

"Dude... It's time to use your muscles!" Myst whispered to Titan, who was standing next to him. "Try to be as quiet as possible, okay?"

The tall, slender teen in the blue suit with the mask over his head and the bright, red hair just looked on, as Titan grabbed the door handle, and easily pulled the steel door open with brute force. The door handle started to bend, bending the entire door along with it. As Titan pulled even harder, the metal lock eventually gave way, snapping off and falling to the ground as the door finally came open.

"Good job, Holmes..." Myst mused. "You didn't pull it off the hinges this time, eh?"

"I could have, but that would have made more noise..." Titan shrugged.

"Alright... Let's get in there..." Myst ordered. "Follow me!"

The teens walked in the back room and past the counter where the bank tellers usually worked. Titan quietly walked past the front counter, until he entered the lounge area. He was suddenly startled, when he saw a man wearing a three-piece suit, who was lying on the floor with a pool of blood next to his leg!

"Myst!" Titan signaled. "He's been shot, he needs your help!"

Myst quickly ran over and sat down on his knees next to the man. He placed his hand on the man's pulse and took a moment to determine how he was doing.

"He's alive; he's lost a lot of blood! Bullet must have nicked an artery!" Myst realized.

"Can you help him?" Titan asked him.

"Yeah... "The red-head replied. "I need you to rip the leg of his pants off gently!"

Titan gently ripped the blood soaked pants leg clean off, uncovering the wound which was on his right thigh.

Myst then placed his hand on the man's leg, and he closed his eyes. A faint yellow aura covered both Myst and the man. Moments later, Myst opened his eyes and they too glowed with the brilliant golden glow. Soon the injury closed and the color returned to the injured area. The man quietly groaned, as he slowly opened his eyes.

"Sir? Are you alright?" Myst asked him. "Can you remember what happened?"

"Two masked gunmen... They came in here... One shot me..." the man said to Myst.

"Where are the others?" Myst wondered.

"I'm the bank Manager..." the man whispered. "The gunmen sent the others into the vault..."

"The vault?"

"Over there..." the manager said, as he pointed at a large, steel door at the other end of the room. "They are all trapped in there..."

"We'll get them out!" Myst assured him.

"Well I hope so! There is only forty five minutes of air in the vault when the door is closed and locked, and they have been in there for over half an hour! Added the manager.

Then Myst got up and turned to face Titan.

"I'm going after the crooks. They can't be too far!" he instructed Titan. "Get that door open and do it fast, I can't revive the dead! Get it open and meet me outside! We got some bank robbers to catch!"

"Gotcha!" Titan grinned and gave thumbs up, as he turned to face the large vault door.

Meanwhile, Myst teleported outside, where the robbers were just running towards their car with a bag of money.

James and Roy had just removed their ski masks before they stepped into their car.

"Do you have the keys?" James asked his partner, who was standing in the passenger side of the car while holding a bag of money in his hand.

"Oh yeah, let me get them out of my pocket..."

Roy pulled the keychain out of his pocket and tossed it over the roof of the car at James. However, the keychain suddenly curved towards the front of the car, and began to float in the other direction!

"Hey! What the--!" James gasped, as the keys magically floated away from the car.

"Going somewhere, guys?" Myst laughed, as he caught the keys with his right hand.

"Who are you? Gimme those keys NOW!" James sneered, as he came running straight towards the boy in the blue costume.

As James was about to grab Myst's costume, the teen disappeared into thin air!

"Hey! Where did he go?" James wondered out loud.

"He's right over here!" Roy shouted, when he spotted Myst standing behind the car.

"Well, well... What have we here?" Myst murmured. "Looks like you guys made out pretty well in your heist huh?" he added as he held the vault bags he had in his hands in the air.

"Why, you little punk..." Roy growled, as he pulled out his revolver and aimed it at Myst. "You're gonna be sorry for saying that..."

"I don't think so..." Myst replied with a smirk as he readied himself for battle.

"Say your prayers, blue boy!" Roy sneered, as he pulled the trigger.


Suddenly, Myst had disappeared again!

"Crap! Where is that kid?" Roy wondered, as he lowered his gun.

As the crook spun quickly, he was caught in the stomach by some invisible force. Roy doubled over as the searing pain of being struck by one of Myst's telekinetic blasts ravaged his body. He attempted to stand up again as he was met with a second, then a third telekinetic blast.

"Aaaauuuwwww...." He groaned, as he placed both hands over his stomach..."

The bag of money that was nearest to the fallen criminal suddenly lifted off the ground. Being held up by some invisible force.

"Roy! The money! GET THE MONEY!" James shouted, as he watched the money bag levitate into the air on its own.

James ran towards the floating cash bag. He knew that at the rate that it was moving, if he did not grab it, the bag was going to be lost for good. He kept jumping trying to reach it only to be disappointed as it would levitate higher, just out of his grasp.

Both men just gasped when they realized that Myst was standing on one of the branches of the trees, and he had caught the money bag, which floated right into his hand.

"It's him! It's that kid again!" Roy gasped out loud.

"You guys make this too easy. I have hit home runs off tougher kids than you two..." Myst chuckled. "Where are the Police? And where is Titan when you need him?"

Meanwhile, inside of the bank, Titan was helping the bank manager get back on his feet.

"Sir, do you have the combination to that vault?" he asked the man in the suit.

"Yes... But it is a time lock, we do not have enough time for us to open the door..." the manager said. He was still very weak from the blood loss following the bullet wound. "It takes about four minutes to open the vault door, because of the electronics in the lock..."

"Four minutes? Dude, that's not a lot of time!" Titan replied. "Look I hope you don't mind but I am about to demolish that door. You OK with that?"

"Do what you have to do... The door can be replaced or repaired. It's insured..." the manager replied. "Just please... Get my colleagues out of that vault as soon as possible!"

"I'm on it!" Titan replied politely. Then he ran over to the vault door in a flash.

He stopped in front of the door and reared back with both hands, bawled up in fists and punched his powerful fists into the titanium housing of the door. Then he began to pull on it, forcing the door to bend. He pulled hard and concentrated as hard as he could and pulled harder.

"KUUURRRRRRRRR" was the sound that came from the door, as the mighty boy applied more pressure.

"Holy cow..." the Manager whispered to himself. "I just don't believe it... How can a little boy be so strong?"

Titan placed the sole of his right foot against the wall beside the vault door, so he had something to push against. Now, he placed both arms on the handle, and he began to pull even harder on the steel handle!

"RRRRAAAAAAAANNNNNNGGGGGGG" was the sound of the 10-inch thick metal door, which had four thick metal bars that slid all the way into four holes into the wall. Using his phenomenal strength, he pulled the vault door out, forcing the door to bend outward, and bending the four bars like they were toothpicks!

"Just a little more..." Titan grunted, as the gap between the right edge of the vault door and the door opening widened with every passing moment. "Eeeerrrrrrrrrrrr!"

With a tremendous display of incredible superhuman strength, Titan had pulled the thick vault door completely off its hinges, by way of brute force! Using nothing more than might and muscle, the boy had unseated a 7,000-pound steel vault door with his bare hands and tossed it into the center of the bank floor.

"NOW! That's what I am talking about!" Titan cheered, as he pumped his fists in the air in victory. He yanked the steel bar door open which was located behind the vault door. The room was dark and stuffy, but he was still able to see, thanks to his infrared vision. Finally, he found the light switch on the wall, and turned on the lights.

There were four people, tied up and laying on the floor! Luckily, they were still alive! Titan walked over to them, and ripped apart their ropes using his bare hands, freeing them instantly!

The three women and one man immediately stood up and thanked Titan for rescuing them! These were all employees of the bank. They had been bound and locked up in the vault by the robbers, just a few minutes earlier!

"There you go! You're all free now! I'm going outside and help Myst catch the robbers!" Titan said to them. Then he ran out the vault and raced through the lobby and out the door to see how Myst was holding up with the robbers.

As soon as Titan got outside, Myst had spotted him, from the tree branch where he was standing on.

"Finally! What took you so long?" Myst asked him.

"I had to crack open the vault door!" Titan chuckled. "I got to use my muscles a little bit, so I'm all pumped up for action now! So, who are your friends?"

Both James and Roy gasped when they realized that they were surrounded by Myst on one side and Titan on the other. Then, to make matters even worse, they heard police sirens approaching from a distance as well.

"We're outta here!" Roy shouted, as he started running towards the street, with James right behind him.

"Oh no you don't!" Myst said out loud. "You're not getting away that easily!"

Suddenly Roy was stopped dead in his tracks. He began to squirm as if he was held in an invisible claw. Then Roy felt his shirt being lifted over his head to serve as a blind fold and a distraction to the would-be criminal's escape.

"Aaaaaghh! I can't move, and I can't see! Get this thing off me!" Roy yelled, as he frantically grabbed hold of the shirt, and pulled it over his head and tossed it on the floor. Now that he was bare-chested and frozen in place.

Myst gave a slight chuckle as he reversed the crooks progress! Roy started trying to run forward only to be denied that and in fact get pulled in reverse by the invisible mental vice that had a hold of him. He began to look from side to side in a frantic manner.

"Nooooooo!" he panicked, when he realized that he was being pulled towards Myst, who was standing at the other end of the small grass field, which was across the street from the bank. "What are you doing to me?"

Roy tried frantically to run, but it was no use. When Roy finally gave up his futile attempt to escape the most powerful mutant in the world; Myst was already looming right over him.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" he shouted at Myst. "WHO ARE YOU?"

"That is enough, my friend..." Myst replied. "Why don't you just relax?"

Myst extended his right hand and pointed it straight at Roy's eyes. Within seconds, Roy became very sleepy, and he dozed off right there, on the ground, while laying at Myst's feet.

"There... He's out of commission until the Police arrive..." Myst grinned.

Meanwhile, James was still on the run, and he ran in the opposite direction from the bank, and he crossed the street on the other side from where Myst had caught Roy.

James was running as fast as he could when suddenly, a short, muscular figure dropped out of the sky, wearing white boots and a red costume. He hovered just a few feet in front of him, and crossed his arms in front of his incredibly muscular chest.

"Where do you think you're going?" Titan asked him.

"Aaaah!" James gasped, as he tried to stop as he ran right into Titan. "Where did you come from?"

"Up there!" Titan responded as he pointed to the sky above.

James just stared at him with his mouth open. What was he going to do? He had to get away! Then, he just decided to turn around, and run in another direction before the Police arrive.

Suddenly, a red blur appeared and materialized into the same strange boy again! Titan was blocking his way for the second time! James had to hit the brakes again, when he noticed that Titan was much faster than him.

"G-g-get out of my way, kid..." he stuttered.

"Not a chance, dude..." the boy replied. "You're not going anywhere..."

James took two steps back and then turned around again. He started running away from Titan for a third time. This time, Titan came after him from behind. Titan wrapped his arms around James' torso, and he gently lifted him into the air!

At first, James began to struggle as Titan held on to him as he ascended straight up into the air. James managed to turn around, so he could face Titan. Since he was taller, he was actually looking down on the muscular boy.

"What are you doing?" he shouted at him.

"I'm taking you flying, buddy!" Titan chuckled. "You'd better hold on to me!"

"Put me down!" James shouted. "Let go of me right now!"

Luckily James had his arms hanging from Titan's shoulders. Titan just grinned, as he looked up at the man.

"Are you sure you want me to let go of you?" he said, as he looked down.

When James looked down, he became very afraid. They were over fifty feet above the ground already!

"Oh NO!" James exclaimed. "PUT ME DOWN! PLEASE!"

James wrapped both arms around Titan's shoulder and held on to the boy as hard as possible. He was practically trembling with fear, when he realized how far from the ground they were.

"H-how i-is this p-p-possible?" James stuttered. "What's k-k-keeping us in the air?"

"Nothing... Just me!" Titan giggled. "You want me to land?"


When Titan looked down, he saw that the Police cars had already pulled up at the parking lot of the bank. He slowly descended back down to the parking lot, touching down at the same spot where he took off earlier. As soon as he let go of James, both Titan and James realized that they were surrounded by three police officers, who had their guns out and locked on them.

"Get down on the ground! NOW!! Now place your hands on your head... Right now!" one of the officers shouted at James. James immediately obeyed, and the officers arrested him. The other officers took care of Roy, and both men were placed in the back seat of one of the police cars.

A news reporter had arrived, and the crew started taping scenes at the bank right away. They had interviewed the bank manager and one of the officers as well. The Police Commissioner arrived at the scene and had asked Myst and Titan some questions as well. When he was done, and the heroes were about to leave, when the lady TV reporter came up to them and asked them for a short interview.

As soon as the interview was over, the two heroes walked away, before they disappeared.

Meanwhile, back on Silver Street, Erik, Nathan and Ethan huddled up in front of the TV set in Ethan's living room, so they could hear the news report of the bank robbery, which had just happened in downtown Washington. The lady who was reporting the story had shown footage of the inside of the branch, where she showed shots of the large vault door, which was completely bent open to one side.

"Wow! Look at that! Someone completely forced that thick, steel door open!" Nathan observed.

Then the reporter held a short interview with the Branch manager, who explained that he was shot in the leg by one of the thugs, but Myst was able to heal the wound so that he no longer needed to go to the hospital and require surgery. Myst had saved his life!

"Did you hear that?" Erik cheered. "Myst is so cool! He's my favorite! He healed this guy's bullet wound!"

In the next scene, the reporter was shown holding the microphone while she was interviewing Myst and Titan in person!

"Look! It's them! Myst and Titan are on TV!" Ethan pointed out.

The reporter had asked Myst what he found as soon as he entered the building, and how he healed the Manager's leg. Then she asked him how he caught the two robbers.

"Oh, As soon as we entered the building, we saw Mr. McCloskey on the floor. He was bleeding from his bullet wound, so I helped pull up his slacks and I used my abilities to heal the wound and to stop the bleeding. I removed the bullet, and I closed the wound completely so that he wouldn't get an infection. I restored his amount of blood that he had lost. After that, he was able to walk again like nothing had happened to him..." Myst explained to the reporter.

"That was very brave of you, Myst! You actually saved his life!" she said. "Now, tell us how you caught the two robbers?"

"Well, I took their car keys away from them, and later I managed to steal their bag of stolen money away from them as well. I went after Roy, and I used my powers to stall him. Then I decided to just pull him back from trying to get away and hurt anyone else. Titan took care of James, and he caught him just by grabbing hold of him from behind and to just take him for a little unscheduled flight. He held on to him until the police arrived. It was easy..." Myst answered.

"Now, I have a question for Titan. When Mr. McCloskey told you that several people were trapped inside of the vault, you decided to rip the vault door open. How did you do that?" the reporter asked him.

"Uhhm... I walked up to the vault door and punched two holes into it. I started pulling on it as hard as I could, until the door came out off the frame. It took me a few seconds, because the door was big and heavy..." Titan replied shyly. "But, it came out pretty easily."

"Easy for you to say, Titan!" the reporter said. "Ladies and gentleman, let me remind you that the vault door was ten inches thick and weighed over seven-thousand pounds of solid steel, and that this young boy just ripped the steel door open like it was made of aluminum foil using just his bare hands! Wow!"

"Oh, uhhh... I got a good workout out of it..." Titan laughed.

"I bet you did!" the reported added. "Well, Titan and Myst, thank you very much and congratulations on another job well done!"

Then the reporter faded out to the news anchor back in the news studio.

"I like Myst... He seems like such a cool dude!" Nathan declared. "He's got really cool powers, too!"

"Well, Titan's my favorite!" Ethan pointed out. "He's strong, he's laid back, and he's really nice!"

"I think they're both cool..." Eric mumbled. "I wonder if they'll come back to our street after stopping the robbers at the bank."

"Let's go outside and look! They might be outside looking for us!" Ethan suggested.

The three boys grabbed their boys and walked out the front door of the house where they got back on the road and hopped on their boards.

Titan and Myst had just appeared a block away from Ethan's house, when the boys had spotted them and started skating towards them.

"Look, dude! There they are!" Titan said to Myst. "These are my new friends..."

"Wow... We finally get to meet Myst in person!" Erik said, as he hopped off his skateboard right in front of the two heroes. Nathan and Ethan were arriving just at that moment as well.

"Myst, this is Nathan, Erik, and Ethan!" Titan said, as he introduced them to Myst. "There's one more, and his name is Jesse, but he's not here..."

"So... Did you come here to skate with these guys?" Myst asked Titan.

"Yeah... I came here with my board, but I don't know where it is right now..." Titan replied sadly.


"When I left to help put out a fire at the apartment complex, I left my board here. When I came back, it was gone..."

"Okay... I'll find out what happened to your board..." Myst responded. "Don't worry about it..."

"Hey, Titan... Tell me about how you opened that vault door!" Ethan asked him. Ethan was very impressed with Titan and he was gawking at Titan's muscles the whole time.

"Oh, it was easy, dude..." Titan began, as him and Ethan started walking back to Ethan's house. "I just punched a couple holes in it and I pulled that thing open..."

"You but it was something like ten inches thick! That's incredible!" Ethan noted, since he heard that on the news. "I'm amazed by the fact that you were able to open that! You're so strong!"

Titan rested his muscular arm on Ethan's shoulder, as the two boys walked next to each other.

"Ethan, being strong isn't important. It's what you do with your strength that really matters!" Titan explained to the boy.

"Yeah... But you can do things that nobody else can!" Ethan continued.

Ethan and Titan continued to talk until they reached Ethan's house. Then, they went inside and played video games.

Meanwhile, Myst started talking to Nathan and Erik.

"So, have any of you guys seen Titan's skateboard?" Myst asked Erik and Nathan.

Both boys began to feel uncomfortable, and Myst picked up on that. He stared at Erik, and looked him straight in the eye. He began to probe his mind, and he caught up on the conversation that Erik had with Jesse, a few hours earlier.

"Alright, so who's Jesse?" Myst asked them. "You guys can't hide anything from me because I can read your minds, so you may as well start telling me the truth! You might as well tell me or I will pull it out of ya!"

"Jesse is kinda like the leader of our little group..." Nathan explained. "He took Titan's skateboard and he was going to paint it for him. But he was going to surprise him, so we weren't allowed to say anything to Titan about it..."

"Okay..." Myst replied. "Where does Jesse live?"

"He lives in that brown, brick house over there!" Erik pointed out. "His workshop is in the garage..."

"Alright... Thanks, you guys... That's all I needed to know..." Myst responded.

Then Myst's eyes turned an onyx black before he vanished into thin air, leaving a thin cloud of mist behind where he was standing.

"Holy smoke!" Erik gasped. "Did you see that? He disappeared right before our very own eyes!"

"Yeah! He's totally cool! He's my favorite hero!" Nathan declared. "I hope he comes back soon!"

"Yeah... I hope Jesse doesn't freak out..." Erik sighed.

Meanwhile, inside of his garage, Jesse was putting the finishing touches on Titan's skateboard. He had painted the old skateboard completely bright red. The board, which used to be light brown, was now a dark shade of red, which matched the color of Titan's costume. Jesse was working at a large wooden table, which was standing completely in the corner of the large garage in his house. Old newspapers were covering the top of the wooden table, in order to prevent paint from staining the table top. Several small cans of paint with different sizes of brushes were scattered all over the table as well, as Jesse was admiring his work.

Jesse then took a fine brush and dipped it in white paint. He placed the skateboard on its wheels, with the flat side facing up. There, he carefully painted the word 'TITAN' in capital letters on the top of the skateboard, using thick, Old-English lettering. When he was done, he gently blew on his work, and he set the board on the side of the table so it could allow for the paint to dry.

"Nice little workshop you got here, Jesse..."

Jesse gasped, when he suddenly heard that voice. When he looked up, he saw a tall but slender young man wearing a blue jumpsuit with a blue mask which covered his face but still revealed the fact that he had long, red hair. The strange teen wore white boots and gloves as well. He had his arms folded in front of his chest, as he slowly walked towards the table, where Jesse was standing.

"Hey! You... You're Myst!" Jesse exclaimed. "How did you get in here?"

"I teleported..."

Myst curiously looked around the items on the table and grinned, when he spotted the skateboard which bore the name of his partner.

"Ahh... I found what I was looking for..." he chuckled.

Suddenly, the dark-red skateboard started levitating in the air and slowly hovered over to where Myst was standing.

"Don't touch that!" Jesse warned him. "I just finished painting it and the paint still needs to dry!"

"In that case... I won't touch it..." Myst responded.

The skateboard just floated through the air and stopped just a few feet in front of Myst's body.

"I hope you were planning on giving this back to Titan soon, right?" Myst wondered.

Jesse just looked down at first.

"You could make a lot of money selling this on eBay if you could convince someone that this skateboard really belonged to Titan..." Myst continued.

"The thought had crossed my mind, but very briefly..." Jesse sighed. "I was going to give it back to him... Honest..."

"Yeah... you would really hurt my partner and my best friend..." Myst said calmly, as he blew on the skateboard with his breath.

"I know..."

"A few things you should know about Titan... He's strong, he's fast, he can fly, and you can't hurt him with any gun or knife. He can see in the dark, and he has a lot of firepower in his finger tips and in his knuckles..." Myst explained. "Are you sure you want to rip off the skateboard from a guy like him?"

Jesse just stared at the ground in silence.

"I thought so..." Myst said. "Titan won't do anything... He's too laid back. He won't hurt a fly. He'll eventually forget about it and buy a new board. But still... You don't want to steal something like this from a guy like him!"

Jesse just nodded his head in agreement.

"Did you watch the news today?" Myst continued. "Titan ripped open a ten-inch steel vault door... The little guy is pretty strong, you know?"


"Good. Can I teleport Titan over here, so you can give him his skateboard yourself?" Myst asked him, as he allowed the skateboard to hover back to the large wooden table and set down on the newspaper.

"You... You can teleport Titan?"

"Yeah... I can make Titan appear anywhere in the world... Anywhere I want him to be... So, can I make him appear right here in your garage?"

"Sure. Let Titan come here..." Jesse replied.

Myst closed his eyes and concentrated.

Meanwhile, back in Ethan's house, Ethan and Titan were examining Ethan's collection of video games. They had just played a few games on Ethan's XBOX, and Ethan was showing Titan a few of his other games, which he had on his shelf in his bookcase.

"Oh man, you got some really cool ones..." Titan said, as he studied a few of the jewel cases which Ethan handed him.

"A friend of mine works for a game store, and he sends me all the latest stuff every month!" Ethan said excitedly.

"Wow! Really? Maybe I could come over once in awhile and borrow...-"Titan suggested, before he stopped in mid-sentence, when he heard Myst's voice ringing in his ears.

"Ethan! Myst is gonna jump me away for a few minutes. Then we might go skating. So, why don't you meet me outside in a few minutes from now?" Titan asked him.

Titan then handed Ethan the jewel case, which he was holding in his hand. Then, Titan vanished into thin air!

"Whoa! He disappeared!" Ethan gasped out loud. "I'd better get my skateboard and wait for him outside!"

Ethan took his board and dashed out the door and started skating up and down the street, in the hope of meeting Titan or any of the other guys and their skateboards.

Meanwhile, back in Jesse's garage, Jesse was staring at Myst in awe when he was suddenly startled when Titan magically appeared in his garage, out of nowhere!

"Hey! Where... Where am I?" Titan wondered, as he looked around.

"You're in my garage..." Jesse replied. "This is right by my house..."

Suddenly, the skateboard on the table caught Titan's eye.

"Hey! Is... Is that my skateboard?" Titan said, as he slowly walked over to the table and gently took the board by the edges.

"Yes! Be careful, the paint still needs to dry. I just painted your name on it..." Jesse explained, as Myst walked up to Titan.

"Oh, I can help it dry a little faster!" Titan chuckled.

Titan inhaled and the exhaled, filling the room with a mighty gust of wind while he held on to the skateboard with both hands. The powerful breeze blew all the newspapers off the table!

"There! I think the paint is dry, now!" Titan chuckled. "Thank you so much, Jesse! Do I owe you anything for this?"

"Yes... As a matter of fact, you do owe me something for this..." the teen replied.

"Oh man... I didn't bring any money with me at all, but..."

"Don't worry, Titan!" Jesse responded. "The only payment I want from you is your autograph!" You don't have to give it to me now! Just, whenever..."

"Oh, good!" Titan sighed. "What a relief!"

"So, are you ready to try out your new board?" Myst asked his partner.

"Absolutely!" Titan said with a wide grin on his face, as he held on to his skateboard with both hands.

"Well, I'm going to send you back out to the street!" Myst suggested. "There you go!"

Myst's eyes turned to onyx black and Titan disappeared instantly from the garage. He appeared standing on the street, where Ethan and Nathan were already skating. Titan got on his skateboard and started following them around.

"Come on, Jesse! Let's join those guys!" Myst suggested to him.

Jesse then took his skateboard and started walking towards the door.

"Come here, Jesse!" Myst ordered.

Jesse walked up to Myst, where Myst held on to his arm. Then, Myst teleported both of them out on to the street in front of Jesse's house, where the other boys were skating already.

Titan had just passed Jesse and Myst while riding on his skateboard, which gave Myst an idea.

"Hey Jesse... Watch Titan closely!" he said to him.

Suddenly, Titan disappeared from his skateboard and reappeared, standing on the pavement right next to Jesse. Now Myst was riding on Titan's skateboard instead!

"Hey! You took my skateboard!" Titan protested.

"Take off, Titan!" Myst shouted, as he continued to skate faster. "You don't need a skateboard. You can FLY!"

"Oh man..." Titan sighed as he rolled his eyes. "Myst always teases me about my height, my strength, or my flying power..."

"Alright everybody! I bet NONE of you can catch me!" Myst shouted at the other boys. "Whooohoooo!"

Myst started skating further down the street as all the other boys looked on.

"Everybody start skating after Myst!" Jesse ordered out loud.

Erik, Nathan, Ethan and Jesse all jumped on their boards and started in their pursuit of Myst. Titan finally leaped into the sky and enjoyed the chase from the air, flying over the group while he was cheering on the four boys. They had an incredible amount of fun, and after they had skated around the block three times, the four boys voted unanimously to make Titan and Myst the newest members of the Silver Street Skater's Club.
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