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by Mica
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As I awaken from a dream of regret, with nothing else to seek
Mercy no longer exists, to my great dismay
In the worst yet worth keeping depths of my existence
Morality has vanished, and in this grave of sins forever I lay

I have been a disgrace, for I have lost my self dignity
Nothing has been left from such a weary and dreadful crawl
This body, now disinterred from its tomb,
shall come across the terror of its endless fall

From heaven's enchanting sparkles I have fallen into darkness
I have been trapped, yet clinging, from its abyss with agonizing pain
The eagerness to be boundless may be the only way to survive
My humanity has led me nowhere, yet in this world I remain

I know there is no victory unless I lose.
I know there is no torment unless I win.
And death is not something I weep for.
But the loss of this flesh that was once real

Have you an idea of what my tongue speaks?
It is the breath I once received through my soul
It wasn't faith that I had to fear what was given to me
For I was just too scared to face a life with such role

My sorrowful heart will someday end its fall
Even if the people's wrath cause nothing but misery
For it believes that life is a miraculous piece
A piece that's lived all through out eternity
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