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the way I see things as they stand this moment in time.
                                       THE CONDITION OF MAN

SUBJECT;What are the things that motivate us most as a people, cause and effect.

         my personal observation leads me to recoginize three things that see to affect every single aspect of every single person on this planet and motivate us to action either positive or negitive.

         MONEY; legal tender, thet ability to purchase good's, buy home support one's self. Many of use work jobs that we hate to make money, some lucky are born into money which to me give's them no respect for money because if one works for it the seem to appreciate what they have made where one is given they seem to think it is their right where it really is a privelidge like driving. Some decided to acquire money thru theift which leads them to prison or always looking over their shoulder wondering when they will be caught. most of us have the wring muse about money, it is not a thing to be accrued but should be viewed as a tool to be used. There's a song that say "FOR THE LOVE OF MONE", this very relivant to how most of us see money today.The BIBLE say " NO MAN CAN SERVE TO MASTERS...EITHER HE WILL LOVE MONEY OR HE WILL LOVE GOD".

         POWER; In the history of man power and money go hand in hand but not to be fooled by modern times one does not have to be rich or have a lot of money to have true power. one example is a commaner  in the military, some high level personal may have some money but most are modest earnigs but the power of command is as richly rewarding as any amount of money, the ability to to order hords of men and machines to a task is priceless. Another profession in the education field, these teachers have the ability to mold a mind to influence a person to imagT WOine a thing and bring it to reality such power and responsiblity is not for the faint hearted.
         I guess it can be said then that true power come not from rich's but the ability to control, a person a media for the mass poplulation land or some commoditie. But it must also be noted that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutly.

         LOVE: By far the most moving of any of these observations. Love is not to be confused with sex, sex being the mere physical aspects of love, a out ward expression of a emoyion often confusing the act with the emotion for love has caused wars and men to sacrifice themselfs, "FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON, THAT WHOEVER BELEIVED ON HIM WOULD NOT PERISH BUT HAVE EVER LASTING LIFE". WEBSTER SAY LOVE IS A DEEP DEVOTION OR ATTACHMENT OF EMOTION OR EFFECTION TOWARD ANOTHER PERSON, i guess the question should be what would you do for love.

         In summary each one of us must decide and chose our own way, or let some else choose it for you. you see one way or another you will be motivated, you will have to take some form of action, it is the law of survival the rules of the the jungle per say, but we do have the ability of choice. chose wisely
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