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A vampire seeks her prey in a dark club.
Her tongue strokes the sharp point of her tooth, as she scans the dark club for the man she will soon make hers forever. She sees him enter and watches from her dark corner as his slim form heads for the center of the dance floor. She inhales sharply as his body begins to move to the throbbing beat of the music. Her blood is pulsating so hard she feels it may erupt from her body. His scent pulls at her, becoming stronger as he continues to dance.

He moves his body to the beat as he watches the woman in black move cat like through the crowd. He is tantalized by the skintight black leather pants, the spiked heels, and the low cut corset top. He can see her perfect breasts heave with every breath. She moves with such effortless precision and grace that no one else seems aware of her passing. Suddenly she is there beside him, thrusting her hips against his. Her body pressed enticingly against him. He slides her hands over the leather and pulls her tighter to him still. Grinding against him, she stretches up and whispers in his ear. Guiding him by the hand they weave through the crowd to the side door. As she turns the knob, she glances back at her newfound lover. She winks at him and can feel his pulse quicken.

Once outside, she turns to him, excited by his slightly ragged breath. She backs against the cool brick wall and beckons him closer with a long black lacquered fingernail. He sidles toward her and leans in for a kiss. She wraps one arm around his back and tangles the other in his hair yanking him towards her. She watches the surprise at her strength register on his face. She whispers, "You're gonna love this," as she bares two perfectly pointed fangs. Burying her face in his neck, she moans with pleasure as her teeth puncture his skin. At first she allows herself to be carried away in the moment and suddenly remembers she must not allow herself to take it all. Her drinking slows and she looks up at his face. She can see she's almost gone too far. "Ohhhh baby, I'm sorry," she croons as she caresses his forehead and gently sweeps a lock of hair out of his eyes. "Are you thirsty? Here drink this." She slices her own wrist with a fang and presses the open wound to his lips. His terrified eyes are screaming no, but she nods encouragement and slowly he begins to drink.

As he sucks at her wrist their feelings become as one. Excitement and wonder replace fear. The rush of blood in their veins an intimate heated exchange. They're breathing raggedly, franticly, their backs arching, until finally she pulls away. He tries to pull her back. Shaking her head, "There will time for that later," she pants. As their breathing slows she takes his hand and they walk deeper into the alley. Two Vampires enveloped in a velvet curtain of blackest night.
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