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Two couples bicker while stuck on a Ferris wheel.
Intense Confirmations on a Ferris Wheel

Scene: Two couples, Darren and Sara, and Tim and Vanessa, are at a small town carnival. The Ferris Wheel they ride on is the kind that can accommodate four people at once; that is, one by one by one by one. Right around the time the wheel is about to start its third rotation, it stops. The foursome now find themselves in the awkward position of being stuck in mid-air, at the very top.

Darren: Son of a bitch!
Sara: Honey, it'll be up and running in a second.
Darren: I know, but son of a bitch!
Tim: Say gang, how about a quick game of...
Vanessa: Tim, not a good idea...

Darren lights a cigarette, much to the dissatisfaction of his girlfriend.

Sara: What do you think you're doing?
Darren: Having a smokey treat. Why?
Sara: I thought you quit.
Darren: Why would you think that? Because I said I quit? Honey, that was just me lying.
Sara: But you...
Darren: Hon, seriously! We're suspended in mid-air, we're hanging out with your retarded friends and you're stupid.
Sara: Darren!
Tim: Wait, did you just call me and my girlfriend retarded?
Darren: Uh, yeah? It's okay though, because I have a large penis.
Sara: Darren!
Tim: You're a dick, man!
Vanessa: Really? Sara, how come you never told me...
Sara: Vanessa!
Darren: Hey, Sara, here's a snappy idea: Try to put more than a person's name a sentence. Like this: Tim is a chronic masturbator. See? It's a complete though verbally expressed. Ya see?
Tim: Alright, dude, that is it. You got a problem, here?!
Darren: Yes I do, Tim. Vanessa doesn't swallow.
Sara: D-
Darren: Darren! Hon, seriously, I think we should break up. And I need you to lend me thirty dollars.
Sara: What?!
Darren: Thirty dollars. Okay, thirty-five.
Tim: You and me pal, we will resolve this when we reach land.
Darren: What's that?
Vanessa: Tim, Darren, Sara, I think it's safe to say, we're all a little tense up here. How about we wait this out, get off this stupid thing and grab a drink?
Darren: Tim, your boyfriend's right. Let's just wait it out, grab a beer and move on. Hey! The Ferris Wheel is moving! Alright! Say, hon, take this knife. I don't think I'll need that for a while! Will I? Huh? Noooope! Not this guy! Hahah!!
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