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by kyrian
Rated: 18+ · Interview · Death · #1434598
Death and Mary...PLEASE REVIEW!!!! I need feedback!
Mary: Good afternoon sir...*shaky* Could I have a few words with you?

D.J.: Why of course ma'am...I am not due to my meeting till three, I could spare a few moments with you I think. What is it you would like to ask me? *smiles gently at her as he sits*

Mary: *coughs nervously* Well sir...I was wondering what your job *laughs oddly*...is like...

D.J.: Please Mary, please call me D.J.
Mary: *eyes get very wide* How do you know...my...

D.J.: I know a lot of things darling, its part of the job you were asking me about. *looks at her with soft blue eyes*

Mary: *swallows a few times, realizing just how handsome he really is* I must admit you dont really look like death. In fact you look like a very respectable man. *covers her mouth* Of course you are respectable!

D.J.: *smiles at her* You haven't seen me at work. This is how i look when Im not doing my job. Speaking of, it is a rather difficult and involved line of work I must say. Though it is a bit like being a messenger and a tour guide. *thinks for a few moments, not noticing how nervous Mary really is* I do get a few nice extras with it.

Mary: And what would those be? *folds her hands in her lap*

D.J.: *looks to her* I don't die...I suppose that is a great one right there. Let's see, I get to see the world everyday. Im talking the WHOLE world love...

Mary: It does sound wonderful. *closes her eyes for a moment trying to imagine*

D.J.: Why did you decided to stop me?

Mary: *looks at him startled* Well...I wanted to ask you about my mother. Her name was Desdemona Charles. Do you remember her? She died a few years ago in a freak car accident.

D.J.: *cuts her off* Let me get one thing straight, there is never anything "freak". It all happens for a reason. All of it is planned. Now about your mother. Yes, I remember her. She was a beautiful women...with hair and eyes just like yours...*reaches out and brushes a strand of it away from her face gently*

Mary: *breath catches* Was...was she scared? Did she go to heaven? *fights the urge to reach up and touch his hand*

D.J.: No...*keeps his hand out in fron of her as he talks*...no one is ever really afraid when their time has come. Yes...I took her to heaven. *he blinks a few times, trying to figure out exactly how he is suddenly feeling as his heart races ever so slightly* She walked through those gates all on her own. Not many beautiful people get to do that. Most of them are too cold hearted or cruel.

Mary: Some would call you cruel.

D.J.: *looks up suddenly* I am sure they would...I feel cruel most days. Expecially when my job requires I take people as beautiful as you over...*catches her gaze and holds it with his own*

Mary: *stammers, heart racing* Your...your going to take...take me...over? *moves back and away from him*

D.J.: *moves from his seat with unnatural speed, and he is suddenly standing behind her*

Mary: *screams*

D.J.: *catches her against him gently, holding her close* No no...

Mary: *goes still in his arms, her body pounding at his touch, at his warmth. HE felt nothing as she imagined death would feel, closes her eyes*

D.J.: *leans his head down and whispers gently into her ear* I already told you...no one is ever really afraid when its their time...*he turns her face to his and kisses her lightly*

Mary: *kisses him back, for a few moments*

D.J.: *pulls away from her gently* There is something about you Mary Charles...something that makes me feel just a little bit human...something I haven't felt in 3000 years. *looks into her eyes again*

Mary: I...I do?

D.J.: Yes...*nods and leans down to whisper again* ...and I want to feel more...*vanishes suddenly from her, leaving behind a coldness that makes her shiver*

Mary: So...so do I...
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1434598-Where-doesth-thou-Sleep