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part 2 of the story read part 1 fiirst!
  Part 2----
I hope you are a reader from my part one! And I hope you liked it! Now this is the final bit!

----------------------------------------- After Dan Left-----------------------------------------------
  I found out he had a facebook. So I insisted to make one just to see him again =)
So I did make one. I couldnt find him. My sister had added him. So I sneaked up to her laptop and found out what his last name was. (To afraid to ask mom!) And I soon found him and added him. So he comment me , he's like welcome to the club its addicting. i found that funny. why? idont know! And then he said , I miss those funnel cakes, shouldve saved your leftovers. And I commented all happy like haha shouldve stayed longer. and are me and (my sis) the only in the club lol! and i waited. and waited. and waited. no reply. the next day. no reply. next day I knew he MUSTVE been on. And he WAS on. since the day be4 he had added 2 friends. So thats when I became all mad! And I am right now! And I still wish he would reply. I dont want to sound desperate so I wont send another messege. Not until...whenever...good thing im forgetting him....right?

            The End.
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it may deal with this - if it does it will be love?yeah right!part 3
  byee luv u all
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