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Poem about the addiction of cutting. Honorable Mention
The Key Her Joy poem about the heart

The Key To Her Joy

Her heart is full of ugly secrets;
laughter covers them as a drape.
Her tears are under lock and key;
she dare not let this hurt escape.

It's hard to keep a heart locked up,
for everything inside is held prisoner.
Fear and pain may be safely kept
as securely as joy and pleasure.

Grasping the key within her hand
and squeezing with all her might,
She cuts herself to find the strength
to continue her futile fight.

She thinks this key will keep her safe
from all the pain of her past,
unaware the key opens a door
which can free her soul at last.

Perhaps she'll use the key one day
to open up her heart.
Pain and tears will freely flow,
and her journey of love will start.

Pat Nelson
June 3, 2008
Revised July 17, 2011
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