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An English assignment where I was made to describe myself as a color.
         It used to be so exhilarating, to touch a piece of mood jewelry and wait for it to slap an emotion on me. I became easily enthralled with the simple silver trinket as its inset melted into another tone complacent with the one expanded inside my chest.
         Now, however, that has changed. The ring has become predictable, settling only on celery green. I begin to worry that I am dysfunctional, or broken. I become quite vexed with this sensation, terrified of being stuck in a constant emotion, and unable to grasp a feeling of anything more or less. Green is a horrifying color, the second to bleakest on the wheel. Only yellow is weaker, but that is easily mended by its brilliant sunshine rays, and its make-you-smile properties. Green is plain and monotonous, the opposite of upbeat and bouncy orange or beautiful breathtaking blue. Green is the sappy tree sticking to your fingers, the itchy grass beneath your bare feet, the icky vegetables on your dinner plate that stare up at you dreary and soggy. Green is me.
         It is the wordless rule that green is the ‘average color’ for mood jewelry. It stays unchanging within the metal harness, labeling something as varied as the spectrum of human emotion and existence with a hue. I am the ‘average color’. I am forever and common, yet unseen, unnoticed and unheard of by the surrounding shades. And I am absolutely horrified by the thought.
         Perhaps, however, what I have been seeing as a brooding olive is truly glistening emerald. Maybe I am not defective, or damaged. Maybe I have taken myself for granted, ignorant to what a prize it is to wear this fabulous jade pendant. Green is comfortable. It is understanding and tolerant, representing growth, ease, and healing.
         Green is tranquil and elaborate, the contrast to frenzied orange or overly admired blue. Green is the life bearing tree that gives the world its breath, the grass that restarts the cycle, the eager-to-be-eaten, delicious vegetables that will keep you healthy and content. Green is content.
         Green is me.
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