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Rated: ASR · Poetry · Emotional · #1435600
A romantic fairy-tale f/f poem.
Everyday I rise, everyday I work
For her Royal Majesty and a simple wage.
My life is one of basics;
My life is darned socks and coarse linen
A jug of water on the nightstand
To keep myself going.

I work long and hard
For her Royal Majesty and a pittance,
I ask not for a rise,
I ask not to resign.

I work for her Royal Majesty
And no other job I wish
For she is the fairest I've seen;
No one can compare to her
For she is the prettiest flower,
The brightest day and the pure white snow.

Some men offer to marry me
To take me to an easier life
But I'm happy where I am
At the princess's side.

I shine her shoes, I comb her hair
Oh, what locks of honey.
I iron her clothes; I get a widow’s mite
But I love her so.

I dream of walking with her
Hand in hand
Across sunny meadows green.
I make her clothes and she poses
To give me joy from Heaven.

But, alas, 'tis only a dream;
She would not look at me,
With my chapped hands, my plain face
There are princes out there for her.
But as long as I'm in her service
I shall be by her side.

I lie in bed dreaming of my beautiful princess
Hoping for a day when I can speak my mind to her,
When I hear my door open and, to my surprise,
There she is, her Royal Majesty, in my room.

"I've seen your eyes," She says,
"I know what I mean
"To a simple maid of honour
Who has little but her dreams."

She sits upon my bed
And looks me in the eye.
She says "I am yours, young maiden,
Please don't cry."

I try to hold back tears
Not of sadness but of joy,
To think my beautiful princess
Would wilfully deny a boy
A queen for when he's king,
But while he has a throne
A whole kingdom and more besides
The princess has me alone.

From now on we keep it a secret
Away from the eyes of the court,
But every night, under the moonlight,
We meet and express our love
In anyway possible.

Love will always prevail
No matter whom you love.
Law is there to provide safety
Not to persecute the joy.
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