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Only 90 freakin' characters allowed for description?!!
Since I didn't have room in the description box,  I'll describe the poem here.  This poem is Disney-inspired.  I got the idea from reading something online about Disney giving children unrealistic life expectations.  It's slightly frivolous and not meant to be taken too seriously (or is it...? lol).  It needs some work, so please let me know if you have suggestions.  Rhyming poetry isn't my strongest point.

I tried to fly, but only fell
I wished upon a star
I waited for my prince to come
But nothing's worked so far

I tried to find him at the ball
I tried to make him want me
Thoughts of him consume my heart
Forever they will haunt me

I tried to be part of that world
I tried to be a hero
No matter how I try
It all amounts to zero

No prince to wake me from my sleep
No genie in the lamp
No happy ending as of yet
Only writer's cramp
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